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Sri Lanka seeks help from India to extinguish fire after blast in merchant ship going from Gujarat to Colombo

New Delhi: Sri Lanka has sought help from India to extinguish a fire in a ship close to Colombo. To help Sri Lanka, the Indian Coast Guard has sent two of its ships and one aircraft to Colombo. According to the information, the merchant ship which was on fire was going to Colombo from Hazira in Gujarat. After the ballast, this ship is on fire. & Nbsp;

According to the Indian Coast Guard, although all crew members have been saved safely from the merchant vessel, express-pearl, the fire of the ship poses a risk of spreading pollution in the sea. That is why Sri Lanka asked the Government of India to ask for fire to be extinguished at the earliest. That is why the Coastguard (Coast Guard) has sent a Dornier aircraft to Colombo in addition to ICGS splendor and a tug water-lily. & nbsp;

According to the information, this ship is made in China and a Singapore company operates it. At the time there was a fire, about 70 containers were loaded on it. The ship was going from Hazira in Gujarat to Colombo. It caught fire even before it reached Colombo Port. & Nbsp;

According to KR Suresh, deputy director general (operations) of the Indian Coast Guard, the Express-Pearl caught fire after a blast. However, it is not yet clear how the ship caught fire, but the first priority is to control the fire on the ship. It is for this that Sri Lanka sought help from the Government of India.

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