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Sri Lanka Crisis: America’s entry amidst huge uproar in Sri Lanka, talking to big leaders over phone

Sri Lanka Political Crisis: Due to the economic crisis in Sri Lanka, the situation is getting worse. In such a situation, the agitating people who came on the streets of Sri Lanka have now taken a violent form. At present, the entry of United States of America has been done among all these. The US has urged the leaders of Sri Lanka to achieve economic stability.

In fact, in Sri Lanka, which is facing economic crisis, now the political crisis has also become very hot. After this, the United States on Sunday urged the leaders of Sri Lanka to take some major steps to stabilize the country as soon as possible.

The President was driven out of his residence

US State Department spokesman Antony Blinken says the people of Sri Lanka have expelled their own president from his residence, while now announcing his resignation, the new government needs to take major decisions as soon as possible to find a long-term solution in Sri Lanka. Will be

State Department spokesman Antony Blinken, while visiting Thailand, said that the new government in Sri Lanka will have to find and implement solutions before the political crisis escalates and the situation goes out of control. Will have to work fast for Sri Lanka, which can give economic stability to the country in Sri Lanka for a long time and remove the discontent of the people of Sri Lanka.

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