Squeeze acne properly to avoid pitted scars

Squeezing acne does not ensure sterility will make the situation worse, acne will recur many times and the risk of scarring will make facial skin pitted.

A 16-year-old female student in Ho Chi Minh City has scattered acne on both cheeks, many inflammatory acne and whiteheads on both cheeks. I handled acne myself, squeezed it by hand and used salt water to clean it, but the situation got worse, the bigger the acne, the more acne scars my face had, and the large pores. The doctor prescribes antibiotics and acne medication, and instructs on home skin care to improve skin condition.

On September 17, Doctor Tran Hanh Vy, Department of Dermatology – Skin Aesthetics, Hospital of Medical University of Ho Chi Minh City, said that acne is a common problem in puberty. In particular, acne is the most common, in addition to blackheads, pustules, inflammatory acne … At this age, children do not have much knowledge of care, arbitrarily squeezing acne causing skin damage. This is the period when the endocrine glands develop strongly, leading to an increase in the production of hormones, including androgens, which increase the activity of the sebaceous glands as well as the hyperkeratosis of the hair follicles. “Each type of acne has a different treatment and treatment,” says the doctor.

Squeeze acne properly

To remove acne, it is recommended to use a specialized and sterile acne removal tool, reduce the risk of re-infection, be safe, leave little scars… First, prepare the necessary tools such as acne squeezer, cotton ball. cotton balls, cotton swabs, tweezers to pick up acne. Use alcohol to clean the squeegee and tweezers. Next, wash your face with a face wash and pat dry. Steam your face to open pores and relieve pain. You can add a few drops of tea tree oil, lavender, etc. to the steaming water to increase the flavor and stimulate the enlarged pores.

Use the tips of the index and middle fingers with a cotton ball to fix the skin that needs to be squeezed. Use a tool that specializes in squeezing acne gently so that the acne head comes out easily. It is necessary to remove all the acne, then use a cotton ball to wipe away the fluid and blood that comes out.

“To avoid swelling or darkening of facial acne when squeezing, it is best to let acne heal on its own. If forced to handle, squeeze only non-inflammatory acne or mature, separate, painless acne,” said Dr. doctor advised.

When a blackhead is opened, the oil oxidizes causing it to appear darker in color. At this point, treat them similar to whiteheads, clean them thoroughly. Inflammatory papules are actually blackheads or whiteheads that, when inflamed, turn into inflammatory papules. This type of acne is usually red, slightly swollen, painful to the touch, and is filled with ivory-white residue. “This type of acne, if arbitrarily squeezed or squeezed out, can make it worse, the risk of scarring is very high,” said the doctor.

With pus-filled acne and red inflammatory halo surrounding it, the doctor recommends not to squeeze until the pustule dries and the acne core emerges. This is the most severe form of inflammatory acne and more difficult to treat. In this case, you should see a dermatologist so that the doctor can give you the right treatment, you should not self-treat because it can cause inflammation and a high risk of scarring.

After squeezing acne, it is necessary to clean the skin to prevent infection. Using a medicine containing benzoyl peroxide applied to the skin that has just been squeezed acne, helps fight inflammation, rosacea, dark spots and helps acne spots to dry faster. If acne recurs many times, there is no sign of improvement, you should see a dermatologist for advice and timely treatment.

After squeezing, you should keep your face clean, take care of your skin with a healthy, scientific hygiene regime… to prevent acne. After that, you maintain a skin cleansing cycle, use creams or special drugs, limit sun exposure, do not touch your face. Regularly exercise, do sports, limit makeup and periodically exfoliate.

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