SpO2 . meter disorder

HanoiMs. Ngoc, 30 years old, in Long Bien district, many days looking to buy a SpO2 blood oxygen level meter because of so many different types and prices, but when she bought it, she got one result each time.

Ngoc had Covid-19 since December 14, mild symptoms should be treated at home, medical staff told her to buy a SpO2 machine for self-monitoring. When visiting online groups for reference, Ngoc noticed that there were too many different types of machines, with many prices, from a few tens of thousands to several million dong. “I really find it difficult to buy because there are many models, it is difficult to know which one is standard or not,” she said.

She went to a sales page selling a Japanese brand SpO2 machine, priced at about 350,000 VND, “the model looks good, should buy”. Returning, she tried measuring SpO2 many times but the results were different every time, sometimes 96.97%, sometimes only 93.94%. “I was told that the SpO2 index must be above 95% to be normal, but when I measured 93%, I was also surprised because the body had no abnormal symptoms,” she said.

SpO2 machine cost 350,000 VND, Ms. Ngoc ordered online. Photo: Characters provided

According to the survey of VnExpress, type the keyword “SpO2 machine price” on Google, get 4,420,000 results within 0.46 seconds. The machine is offered for sale in many sales channels with all kinds of prices. Each post contains introductory information, the place of manufacture, and some pages even include a video tutorial.

A group specializing in buying and selling SpO2 machines, with more than 17,000 members, is active on social networks. A seller named Trang introduced two types of machines, a Swiss brand Microlife priced at VND 750,000, with a 24-month warranty; Jumper-500Ec German brand price 560,000 VND. This person explained that “due to the brand and durability of the machine, some types are more expensive”.

Products of the seller named Dung are also priced similarly, introduced “made in China but according to the technology of different countries. Some of the more expensive prices are due to imported during the epidemic season”.

Another seller named Phong introduced two types of SpO2 meters, both made in China. In which, the Pulse oximeter A2 costs 90,000 VND and the Fingertip Pulse oximeter LK87 costs only 45,000 VND, one month to change one. He said: “The retail price is ‘infinity’, can not be compared, but the devices are all the same sensitivity, when the battery runs out, just change the battery.”

A person named Hai introduced 4 types of machines, if you buy them in bulk (200 units), the price is only 45,000 to 95,000 depending on the type, 12 months warranty. If buying retail, the price is 4-5 times more.

Follow Guidelines for the management, treatment and care of asymptomatic and mild Covid-19 patients at home, issued by the Hanoi Department of Health in December, the SpO2 meter is one of the 7 necessary means of health monitoring, besides the thermometer, blood pressure monitor, phone or computer, medical waste bin, medicine bag for treatment at home, with relatives to take care of. SpO2 < 96% must immediately notify medical staff. For young children, measure SpO2 at least twice a day, or when the child feels tired, has difficulty breathing, or has rapid breathing.

An expert in medical equipment in Hanoi said that all medical equipment manufacturers in Vietnam and the world apply the standard for quality management system ISO 13485. Strictly following this standard, the product quality is always guaranteed, users do not need to worry. However, if you do not do it correctly, you need to be careful, especially note that some products manufactured in small factories have Chinese origin.

When learning to choose to buy products online in particular and SpO2 meters in general, “be a wise consumer, learn carefully product information”, experts advise. Buyers can take a picture of the product’s stamp, survey online for information, and then go to the manufacturer’s website to look up and find out what the product quality management system is; See customer feedback on product quality. “Usually, if the manufacturer is reputable, the company’s website will announce the application of ISO 13485 standard for that product,” the expert said. product quality products.

According to Dr. Truong Huu Khanh (special consultant in the Department of Infections – Neurology, Children’s Hospital 1), many types of SpO2 machines are sold widely on the internet. It is impossible to distinguish between effectiveness and sensitivity, must try. just know. For peace of mind, experts suggest that users should buy branded SpO2 measuring devices, priced at least from 400,000 to 500,000 VND, should not buy cheap equipment because of the high possibility of inaccurate and incorrect results. big number.

With the same brand, the price of these two products is quite different on an e-commerce platform.  Screenshots

With the same brand, the price of these two products is quite different on an e-commerce platform. Screenshots

In August, the Department of E-commerce and Digital Economy (Ministry of Industry and Trade) issued a warning about cheap ventilators and oxygen meters being sold widely on websites and trading floors. e-commerce. The common point of cheap oxygen concentration meters is the small design, fingertip grip, AAA battery, the screen displays two main parameters, SpO2, heart rate, and a button to start. However, these devices have a loose design, poor quality plastic, not seamless joints, can be used to remove the machine part by hand.

Experts say that if conditions permit, people can equip a device to measure SpO2 in the family to monitor. However, the SpO2 index is only one of the means to help early identify F0 cases showing signs of severe change. You need to closely monitor other symptoms of the body, when there is an abnormality, you should notify the medical staff immediately.

Thuy Quynh