Spend thousands of dollars frozen eggs

AmericaKari Arenberg, 31 years old, wants to have a baby, but does not have time to date. When Covid-19 broke out, Arenberg quit his job, intending to freeze eggs to wait for birth.

She moved in with her family in Chicago, registered to freeze eggs at a clinic. Every day she will inject stimulants to increase the number of eggs. In addition, there is an ultrasound schedule, periodic blood tests before the procedure for egg aspiration.

René Hurtado, 28 years old, had to stay home for weeks before having eggs due to the side effects of injections such as cramps and headache.

“On the fifth day of the injection, I couldn’t walk,” Hurtado said.

Sharon Covington, a psychologist at the Shady Grove Maternity Clinic, has a busy schedule with clients who need advice on packages, including freezing eggs.

According to Covington, many women decide to preserve eggs because the pandemic leaves them more free.

“People have to take a break from work. This gives them time to reflect on what to prioritize, as well as a direction for the future,” Covington said.

When Covid-19 swept the United States, the number of people going to maternity clinics tended to decrease due to fears of viral infection and financial uncertainties.

However, the number of egg frozen subscribers has increased in at least 54 clinics in major cities like Denver, Atlanta and Seattle.

The fertility treatments are not cheap, such as egg freezing costs between $ 6,000 and $ 20,000 a time.

Hurtado took a commemorative photo before he proceeded to poke the eggs at a clinic in Arizona. Image: Time.

Freeze eggs, also known as oocyte cryopreservation, is a method used to preserve a woman’s ability to conceive in the future. Unfertilized eggs are taken from ovaries and stored in deep cold (with nitrogen vapor or liquid nitrogen) for a long time. A frozen egg after thawing can be combined with sperm in the lab and implanted in the mother’s womb.

According to experts, the most appropriate time to perform therapy is before the age of 35. Younger, more eggs and higher rate of successful freezing.

Bryn Woznicki, a 33-year-old filmmaker in Los Angeles, has long wanted to be a mother, but time does not wait for her.

As movie projects were stalled due to disease and the dating became more difficult, Woznicki decided to preserve eggs. She feels this is necessary, helping herself to feel more secure about the decrease in fertility in the following years.

Egg freezing is becoming more and more popular. Many women look to this method to ensure fertility against the negative effects of chemotherapy and radiation (in case of cancer). But many others are simply not ready to have children.

In 2009, only 475 women had frozen eggs, according to the Fertility Assistive Technologies Association. By 2018, that number had reached 13,275, an increase of 2,695%.

Mai Dung (According to the Time)


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