Speech of Minister Nguyen Manh Hung at the conference of digital technology block in 2021

Below is the full text of the speech of the Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Manh Hung at the digital technology conference in 2021.

Dear Sir/Madam,

The year 2021, when the Covid-19 pandemic broke out in an unprecedented way in Vietnam, was the year a mountain of jobs suddenly fell on the digital technology block. The name of this job is old but the content is new, its name is IT but the content is digital transformation. This mountain of work has to be done in 1 day, 1 month, not 1 year. This mountain of work is very demanding, because it is related to the daily life of the entire people, everyone must be able to use it, it must be as convenient as using Facebook – software that has been developed continuously for nearly 20 years at a daily cost. tens of billions of dollars. This mountain of work has to be done at zero cost!

The digital technology block has fallen into adversity. Adversity is born either discouragement or rising strong. Vietnam’s history is adversarial, then rise strongly. Adversity produces unique and excellent solutions. Adversity gives birth to special people, national talents. For the first time, the digital technology sector has a hundred-year opportunity, which is the adversity created by the Covid-19 pandemic. 2021 is a year of strong rise of the national digital technology sector. Many solutions, applications and digital platforms have been promptly developed by Vietnamese digital technology enterprises, contributing to effective epidemic prevention. Vietnam’s epidemic prevention formula has 4 components, technology is one of them.

When to take advantage of adversity? That is when we are not afraid. Because fear destroys the spirit. Because fear destroys people. Loss of spirit, depression, people also lose all strength. The eternal law is that in danger there is always opportunity. Big risk, big muscle. Great adversity, big breakthrough. But to take advantage of opportunities in adversity, the spirit must be strong, not afraid. Just get this one and then take action. Action will pave the way.

When is man in adversity without fear? That’s when we don’t take care of ourselves. Go for a bigger one. Take care of your people, your country. Lo uses digital technology to find digital solutions to help her people prevent the epidemic. If the error is big, if the error is large, people will no longer be afraid. Overcoming fear is always the biggest difficulty when facing difficulties, challenges and risks.

Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Manh Hung.

In 2021, the biggest success of our ministry in general, and of the digital technology sector in particular, is overcoming fear, fear of criticism, fear of being criticized for the weaknesses of digital technology products to prevent epidemics. weaknesses of the IT sector managed by the Ministry. And we also overcome the fear of a mountain of work and not knowing where to get resources. And we also overcome the fear of a mountain of things that must be done very quickly, doing things in a year, in a month. Just do it and the resources will come. Just do it and the answer will come. The largest and limitless resource is the people’s resources, the resources from Vietnamese digital technology enterprises. Thousands of billions of digital technology devices, thousands of employees in the industry have been gathered by Vietnamese businesses and worked day and night, no longer my brother, no longer either you or me, only you and me .

Many impossible things became possible. Vietnam is among the global leaders in epidemic prevention technology applications. Many digital applications and digital platforms have tens of millions of users. It was unprecedented before. Through the challenge, Vietnam’s digital technology enterprises have clearly matured in terms of large-scale digital platforms, in terms of ensuring the safety of people’s data, and in deploying digital platforms nationwide. Especially confidence. Confident in technology mastery, solutions, product development and deployment of national CBT platforms. Never before has a Vietnamese digital technology enterprise seen its deep love for their people, their country and their sacrifices so great.

The year 2021 gives us an extremely profound practical experience about the difference between IT and digital applications, between a software and a digital platform. The year 2021 is Turning Point for us to definitively switch from IT application to college. The Covid-19 pandemic is a hundred-year push for the college community. The Covid-19 pandemic created a revolutionary breakthrough after 20 years of IT application. The past 20 years have been yin and yang, now it’s down to the mountains to show off their talents. The past 20 years have been the application of information technology to each and every place in the real world, can one ministry do what another doesn’t, one department does that other department doesn’t, this locality does that? do, this department does what the other department doesn’t do. Now it will be the whole people and all-round, all branches and all levels, central and local. The goal is to create a digital version of the real world, work in the digital world but the results are in the real world. Working in the digital world is faster, more accurate, more efficient, more productive, and especially, innovation is easier and more people can do it.

IT talks a lot about organizations, colleges talk about people. IT talks a lot about costs, college talks about benefits. IT talks a lot about software, college talks about platforms. IT talks a lot about application, college talks about transformation. IT talks a lot about each part, college talks about the whole. IT talks a lot about the director of IT, and the college talks about the head. IT talks a lot about computers, colleges talk about Cloud. IT talks a lot about investment, college talks about renting. IT talks a lot about products, colleges talk about services. IT talks a lot about the group of experts, the college talks about the community technology team. IT talks a lot about How, College talks about What. IT talks a lot about good software writers, college talks about good users. IT refers to the system (IT system), college refers to the environment (digital environment). IT talks a lot about automation, college talks about intelligence. IT is all about process, IT is about data. IT talks a lot about organizational data, CS deals with personal data. IT talks a lot about structured, college talks about unstructured. IT talks a lot about IT, colleges talk about IT, digital technology, Industry 4.0, and innovation.

Our Party and State have considered the Communist Party to be the driving force for development in the coming decades. If Vietnam wants to be strong and prosperous, if it wants to become a high-income developed country by 2045, it must be a communist. The responsibility of leading the national community is given to the Ministry of Information and Communications. This is a sacred mission, a great but glorious responsibility. This responsibility was assigned by the Ministry to Deputy Minister Nguyen Huy Dung and to the digital technology sector. Failure to fulfill this responsibility is a crime against the country and the Party. The direction has been, the path is clear, the goal has been assigned, adversity has occurred, yin has nourished yang for 20 years, the General Confederate General Rehearsal in 2021 has passed, now it is the general offensive of the Confederacy.

We already have the National College Program, the National Community College Committee, related strategies, specific tasks, and national digital platforms that must be developed in 2025. Today, I will not repeat the issues. That task tells a lot about awareness, about the spirit of the community. In a revolution, awareness, belief and mental strength are always decisive. The Minister’s speeches at many forums have instructions on the Communist Party, I suggest you read, understand and put them into action plans and programs.

The year 2020 is the year of the Declaration of Communism. 2021 is the year of the general rehearsal of the CDS. 2022 will be the year of the general offensive. The awareness of the college has become clearer. Theory of the college has been formed. Vietnam’s path to the Communist Party of Vietnam has been shaped. Now it’s action. Act more, faster, stronger to perceive, to reason, to make the path brighter. Leading the way of the Ministry on Community Colleges is awareness, theory and the way of Vietnamese Communists. The digital technology sector must continuously improve the theory of colleges.

Post-pandemic economic recovery and development is a big topic of the country in the coming years. To do well requires a new approach to some important problems. One is the resilience of the economy. Pandemics may emerge in the future. Highly resilient by bringing socio-economic activities to a digital, contactless environment. Second, improve national management and governance capacity. If you want to manage a large area, you have to let go, that is, decentralized, if you let go, you must see and monitor online. To do so, it is also necessary to go to the digital environment, to go up in a comprehensive way, all activities are shown immediately on the digital environment, expressed through data. Government can see, analyze, evaluate, early warning, early adjustment. Protect staff, avoid major accidents. Third, the problem of growth. If you want to grow, you must have new space. Going to the digital environment is the appearance of a new space. There will be new products, new markets, new consumers. That is, digital products, digital markets, digital consumption. If accelerated, there will be new growth. Fourth, the issue of efficiency. CTS creates a digital version of the real world. All activities of analyzing, evaluating, forecasting, creating and trying new solutions will take place in the digital environment, which will be much faster and more efficient. If it feels good, then it will be applied in the real world. In short, the community creates a new approach to solve better, better in a breakthrough way, for some long-lasting existence, for a number of important socio-economic problems. The digital technology sector must accept this responsibility.

With the very high goal and the huge workload of 2022, is there any way to help us accomplish it? As we say, execution is always the weak point. This is true, because our resources are very limited, both financial and human. The goal is new, the resources are the same, but the way of doing things is still the same, the correct implementation will be the weak point. So, is there a way to resolve the conflict between high goals and limited capabilities? The way we still do it is to try harder, is to call on people to try harder. But maybe that’s not enough. Therefore, the gap between desire and result is still very large. Can’t blame you guys for execution either. To blame the moon is to blame the heads of all levels, after setting a high goal, it is always assigned to the subordinates. The right approach must be, after setting high goals, the leader must think about how to make difficult things possible, easy to do. With a different approach, a very difficult thing can become a very easy thing. If there is no new approach, new way of doing things to turn the impossible into possible, the leader does not assign difficult tasks to subordinates. The job of the leader is always 2: set high goals and find a feasible approach. And both of these must be excellent.

There are 365 days in a year. If every day just try to be 1% better than yesterday, after a year we will have grown up to 38 times! So a year is not short, long enough to do great things. So the persistence to rise to the moment is important. The leaders of the Ministry believe in the leaders, believe that the digital technology units of the Ministry will successfully lead the national community work.

Happy New Year Sagittarius! Wishing health, joy and happiness to each and every home! After 1 year, we must see a digital Vietnam appear!

Thank you very much!

Minister Nguyen Manh Hung visited and wished Tet to a number of units

Minister Nguyen Manh Hung visited and wished Tet to a number of units

On the morning of the 29th of Tet, Member of the Party Central Committee, Minister Nguyen Manh Hung and the delegation of the Ministry of Information and Communications visited and wished the Lunar New Year of the Tiger 2022 at the Command of the Armed Forces and Communications and Viettel Group.


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