“Sorry for this penalty”: Kylian Mbappé apologizes after his missed goal

“The sadness is immense. “ In a message posted on social networks, Kylian Mbappé puts the words on the immense disappointment felt after the elimination of the Blues in the round of 16 of Euro 2021 Monday June 28 in Bucharest, Romania.

The 22-year-old French team player has mostly made his mea culpa, he who missed the last shot at the end of extra time, offering victory to Switzerland after a crazy match. “I’m sorry for this penalty. I wanted to help the team but I failed. Finding sleep will be difficult but unfortunately it is the ups and downs of this sport that I love so much ”, he shared.

The player did not show much in the competition, scoring no goal and missing, especially Monday night, several opportunities to put the ball in the net. Many expectations were based on the PSG striker, elected best hope during the 2018 World Cup during which the Blues were crowned world champions. The French team started as the favorite in the competition.

“It hurts but you have to accept it”

However, coach Didier Deschamps assured a press conference after the match:

“Even if he didn’t score, he was often decisive. He takes responsibility for taking the penalty. Nobody blames him. […] There is a lot of sadness, we did not do everything well. If we’re stopping today, it’s because we deserve it. It was a very difficult Euro. It hurts but you have to accept it. “EXCLUSIVE. Kylian Mbappé confides in “l’Obs”: “I know the weight of my words and my actions”

“When you win, it’s the players’ merit. When things go less well, it’s my responsibility. I assume “, he added.

Despite the disappointment of the supporters, Kylian Mbappé was able to count on the support of Pelé, the Brazilian football legend. On Twitter, the former international wrote: “Keep your head up, Kylian!” Tomorrow is the first day of a new adventure! “

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Kylian Mbappé also sent his congratulations to Switzerland, who will face Spain in the quarter-finals in St. Petersburg on Friday.

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