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Soon 25,000 students mobilized to strengthen Homework done

Give a boost to college students sometimes threatened by dropping out of school and financially support students for many facing a precariousness exacerbated by the health crisis: the announcement, made on Sunday May 9 in The Parisian by the Secretary of State for Priority Education Nathalie Elimas, allows you to kill two birds with one stone.

From now on, many students will be able to come to reinforce, in a remunerated way up to 12 € per hour, the school support system set up in colleges since 2017. System which, until now, relied exclusively on teachers volunteers and educational assistants.

“A welcome reinforcement”

“Homework done did not always receive the overwhelming approval of the teachers and therefore we also had to call on supervisors., specifies Franck Antraccoli, the general secretary of Independence and direction, a union of school leaders. Any reinforcement is welcome to increase the power of this device. Provided that the selected students have the necessary skills. “

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Precisely, these jobs will be accessible to students who already have experience. They will concern “25,000 young people already identified”, indicates Nathalie Elimas: “10,000 places are reserved for student tutors as part of the Cordées de la représentation (1) and 15,000 others for those who work bédevelopment in a homework help association. “ A strategy undoubtedly welcome from the point of view of the students who will be recruited but which raises the risk of a disaffection of volunteers within the associations concerned.

One in three college students is a beneficiary of the scheme

Launched by Jean-Michel Blanquer, shortly after his arrival at rue de Grenelle, Devoirs fait benefited one in three schoolchildren. “A fairly effective device, geared towards a form of social justice, agrees Franck Antraccoli. Because many children cannot benefit from support at home or even do not have a place of their own to work in silence. “

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Even before mobilizing students, the Ministry of Education had decided to expand Homework done, by offering remote support in twelve pilot academies. The objective being to benefit from it the secondary school pupils of rural zones who cannot remain in their establishment after the lessons because they depend on school transport.


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