Son mole tattoo hope ‘change of fortune’

HanoiThe love story recently met many difficulties, 19-year-old Hoang Lan invited her boyfriend to tattoo a red mole on her hand to “mark love”.

The girl learns and finds that the red mole tattoo trend is very popular in China to celebrate “unique love”, find luck, bring a lot of fortune. Very quickly, in Hanoi, Lan found dozens of mole tattooing establishments, costing only about 100,000 VND for a black mole, 200,000 VND for a lip mole (in red), many mole tattoos were also discounted. These facilities come with attractive commitments such as painless, non-swollen, non-toxic. The tattooing process is quick, starting with the anesthetic, rubbing it on the skin to be tattooed and then “drawing” the mole, only 10 minutes is finished. Customers can choose either a regular mole or a convex mole depending on their preference.

“Tattooing a tiny mole is also a tattoo on my body, I’m afraid of a catastrophe, not to mention later, it would be very expensive and easy to leave scars,” Lan shared. She had to consider very carefully to decide to get a red mole tattoo.

Follow Global Times, Red mole tattoo (chu sa) is popular with many Chinese couples, especially those born after 2000, or in their teens to their twenties, to mark their “unique love”. Many people think that tattooing moles to change their fortune, bring a lot of fortune and luck.

This trend has also been popular in Vietnam in recent years. Doctor Cao Ngoc Duy, Deputy Head of Faculty of Dentistry Aesthetic, Duc Giang General Hospital, Hanoi, said that mole tattooing is a simple, gentle procedure that does not affect many areas of the skin and is easy to perform. Currently, the cost is cheaper than big tattoo, so it is popular with many young people.

“However, the concept of tattooing moles to welcome luck is just word of mouth, not yet verified by science”, Dr. Ta Quoc Hung, Department of Dermatology – Aesthetics, Ho Chi Minh City University of Medicine and Pharmacy Hospital , said.

A couple tattooed a red mole on their hands to mark unique love and bring good luck. Image: Weibo

According to experts, tattooing moles is like tattooing, all of which introduce foreign colorants into the skin, classified as invasive group using foreign elements injected into the body. Therefore, tattoo ink must have a clear origin, not cause allergies to the skin, otherwise it can lead to skin cancer, dermatitis, rashes … Tattoo needles if not guaranteed can also cause infection. hepatitis B virus, hepatitis C, HIV …

“Some people want to go to the hospital to have moles tattooed, but this technique is not in the hospital’s cosmetic treatment list, so we do not do it,” said Dr. Hung.

The hospital used to admit many people, after tattooing, moles were swollen and painful because the tattoo needle was pierced too deeply into the flesh under the skin. When the patient returned home, he did not know how to take care of it, causing the wound to spread from a small area, and severe ulcers. Some other cases, after performing the tattooing procedure, say that they are not as lucky as expected, or they break up with their lover, so they want to remove the tattoo. If tattoo removal is not done properly, done at an unsafe facility, the tattooed skin will be scarred, infected.

According to the doctor, tattoos are easy, but removing tattoos is very difficult. Laser tattoo removal breaks down pigmentation cells under the skin, causing damage, infection or scarring, especially large tattoos that require a longer course. In particular, new tattoo techniques and tattoo ink remain in the skin longer and deeper, making tattoo removal more difficult and expensive.

Therefore, doctors recommend that you should consider carefully before deciding to tattoo, even if only a small mole. A tattooing procedure should be performed at a licensed cosmetology facility. Post-tattoo care is also very important. Should wash hands with soap and water before caring for tattoos. Apply an anti-infection ointment and apply a clean bandage during the day, leaving it bare at night. Remove the glossy tissue covering the tattoo when you get home to allow the tattoo to clear, avoiding bacteria growth.

If the tattoo appears a long, narrow red streak extending from the tattooed area or the surrounding skin becomes red, swollen, hot, lasting five to seven days later; epidemic, pus secreted from the tattooed area, accompanied by fever, bacterial infection, need to be examined by the hospital for timely treatment.

“If you want to have a favorable job, money and love, you should try and make efforts in everyday life, not wait for the luck to be brought back from the mole”, Dr. Hung advised.

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