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‘Something had to be a side effect’, the PM of Pakistan blamed ‘obscenity’ for the increasing rape

Pakistan’s prime minister Imran Khan has blamed ‘vulgarity’ instead of the country’s growing rape and sexual violence against women. On Sunday, while he was taking calls to the people, a caller asked him what is the government’s plan for increasing rape and sexual violence with Daesh Tej, especially with children. In response to this, PM Imran Khan said – There are some battles which cannot be fought only with the help of the government and the law. For this, the society also has to come together.

According to Geo News, Imran Khan said that it was necessary for the society to protect itself from ‘Fatshi’ (vulgarity). The Prime Minister said that the kind of rape and sexual violence that comes in the media, in fact, such a dreadful crime is only one per cent.

Imran Khan said that when he went to Britain to play cricket in the 70s, there was a culture of ‘sex, drugs and raw and roll’. He said- “Nowadays divorce cases have increased by more than 70 per cent and this is because of the vulgarity in the society.”

Imran said – Something had to come to the side effect.

He said that the purpose of the veil in Islam was to ‘keep the temptation under control’. The Prime Minister of Pakistan further said that there are many people who cannot control their will power. He said that there was some side effect of this.

Significantly, according to the official figures of Pakistan, there are 11 rape cases being reported daily. According to Geo News, more than 22 thousand cases have been registered during the last six years. So only 77 per cent of the people were punished in this case, which is only 0.3 per cent of the total figures.

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