Solidarity fund for businesses: for the month of October, Bercy recorded 186,000 requests in three days

The solidarity fund for businesses, expanded following the curfew and then the re-containment, was requested in three days by more than 80% of eligible entrepreneurs for the month of October, the ministry said on Monday (November 23). ‘Economy and Finance. Between the opening of online applications on Friday on the site and Monday in the middle of the morning, 186,000 forms were submitted to receive this aid, which can reach up to 10,000 euros in the most important sectors of activity. affected, out of around 225,000 businesses with fewer than 50 eligible employees or self-employed persons.

“Since Friday, more than 143,000 companies have already received aid from the solidarity fund for the month of October (especially those affected by the curfew)”, tweeted the Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire.

Bercy specified that these 143,000 companies had received a total of 366 million euros out of the 660 million euros budgeted for October, that 43,000 requests were still being processed and that other requests for October could still to be made.

With the re-containment since October 30, the closure of many stores and restaurants, as well as the suspension of shows and cultural events to fight the coronavirus epidemic, the number of eligible businesses will be much greater in November.

In this month alone, 6 billion euros have been budgeted for the Solidarity Fund.

If the compensation forms for October were not posted online until November 20, eligible entrepreneurs will be able to submit their request for November from December 4, according to the website

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