Solana blockchain ecosystem is losing millions of dollars due to hacking?

More than 7,000 e-wallet accounts are affected at an exponential rate, millions of dollars are disappearing from Solana wallets for unknown reasons.

According to CryptoSlate, up to 6 million USD was withdrawn from Solana wallets in just 10 minutes. Users are reporting the loss of all assets in their wallets for which the cause or specific security hole cannot be identified.

Bilal Ahmed, a crypto trader with more than 500 Solana coins missing from his account, said the problem could be related to Rakkudo’s NFT minting process.

Solana blockchain wallets are evaporating millions of dollars for unknown reasons. (Image: CNBC)

“Rakkudo conducted NFT minting today, the lost wallets appear to be linked to the accounts that are doing the process. But the strange thing is that even the main wallets are being withdrawn, instead of just the burned wallet,” commented Ahmed.

An atmosphere of fear and doubt is pervading the owners of e-wallets on the Solana blockchain at the moment, when no official announcement has been made from SolaLand.

Oone wallet, with assets mainly in stablecoins worth more than 6 million USD, appeared hundreds of transactions from a single address at midnight on 2/8.

Youness Kasmi, the founder of Private Foxes also noted two other e-wallets are withdrawing customer funds from the platform.

Programming experts are working together to review the cause of the incident so that a timely solution can be provided.

“We are actively working with affected wallets to help and monitor the situation,” said Ethereum wallet spokesperson MetaMask.

According to CoinMarketCap, the value of Solana has dropped by 8% in just 2 hours after the first report of the incident and trading volume of this coin has increased by 45% in the past 24 hours.

Currently, the user community is leaning towards the assumption that this blockchain platform has been exploited by hackers for a wide range of security vulnerabilities and recommends protecting your account through the setting “Revoke access of links”. strange” in Settings.

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