SoFilm gives a chance to young scriptwriters and authors of comedy

The magazine, in partnership with Pathé, Wild Bunch International and France Culture, is organizing a screenplay competition for “renewing French comedy”.

“Renewing French comedy by relying on young creation.” This is the idea behind the screenplay competition organized by SoFilm in partnership with Pathé, Wild Bunch International and France Culture. On social networks, in a post accompanied by an image of the film The Beautiful Kids by Riad Sattouf with Vincent Lacoste and Anthony Sonigo, the organizers of the competition have launched the opening of applications.

Open until fall 2022

Aspiring screenwriters who want to try their luck should send in their feature comedy project “in the form of a synopsis of a maximum of five pages accompanied by two dialogue sequences”. To win ? A place to participate in one of the SoFilm Residences in autumn 2022 during which the selected talents will be able to work on their feature film project which will then be presented to the competition partners: “broadcasters, distributors, funders, etc”. The latter will then select ten winners whom they will accompany in the writing of a screenplay. “In parallel with work with scriptwriters-sponsors, authors will be offered the opportunity to refine their story and their characters during improvisation workshops with actors”adds SoFilm on its site.

The competition is open until September 19, 2022 to “screenwriters or writers under 35” who wrote “at least one short film selected in festival or a published work”.

The SoFilm residencies, which also organize residencies for genre cinema, intend “renew French comedy by relying on young creation”. “They want to accompany stories aimed at the general public, offering characters who emancipate themselves from the classic codes of comedy and who are in tune with the challenges of society and the world of today”.


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