Social network Clubhouse almost lost its name on the Apple store

In Japan, the Crabhouse application is also quite popular. Compared to the social network Clubhouse, the pronunciation of Crabhouse is quite similar in Japanese.

Recently, a new application emerged in Japan called Crabhouse complained that, they have trouble because of the same name as the social network Clubhouse. On Twitter, developer Gai shared: “The Crabhouse update was rejected by the App Store (by Apple), citing ‘the name is misleading’. Now how do I fix this? ”

In Crabhouse, users are allowed to enter a virtual room full of crabs, the number of crabs depends on the number of devices running the application. By touching each crab, the user gets to know about this animal. Crabhouse has 150,000 downloads and nearly 2,000 5-star reviews on the App Store.

Meanwhile, Clubhouse is a social networking platform based on audio chat, creating a global fever over time. Clubhouse had many famous people participating in the conversation. In early February, technology billionaire Elon Musk had a question and answer session on it with CEO Vladimir Tenev of the stock exchange Robinhood.

The Crabhouse application complained that they had trouble because of the same name as the social network Clubhouse.

For English speakers, the difference between Crabhouse and Clubhouse is pretty obvious. But in Japanese, the pronunciation of the letters “l” and “r” are almost interchangeable; likewise are the English vowels “a” and “u”. Therefore “Crab” and “Club” are quite similar, especially when displayed in the katakana alphabet.

In fact, the two applications belong to two different areas, so there are also many opinions supporting Crabhouse to keep the old name. “It’s a common story among developers,” commented one online commentator. Their (Apple) policy is quite unfair and mainly follows the movement ”.

Anyway Clubhouse was born before, so Apple is still on the side of this social audio network. Finally, Crabhouse decided to change the name to Crabhome on the Apple app store, although on the Google store it is still the old name.

Hero (According to Japan Today)

The leaked Clubhouse audio data raises security concerns

The leaked Clubhouse audio data raises security concerns

The source or identity of the attacker was still unknown as the cause of the leak at the end of last week.


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