Snow threatens crops in Brazil

Unexpected landscape in the tropical country… Snow fell in a dozen localities in southern Brazil at the end of last month. What was until now an isolated phenomenon is tending to generalize in this region, a large producer of cereals.

Brazilian authorities are currently assessing the damage. They should only adjust their forecasts at the end of the month. But on the ground, the damage is done. Corn and wheat were the most affected. “The winter crops have been damaged. Wheat in the states of Paraná and Rio Grande do Sul has been particularly affected [NDLR : région Sud]. The fall in production is inevitable. As far as maize is concerned, in some regions, local authorities foresee a drop in production of almost 50% “says Fernanda Johnston, an agribusiness specialist at the consulting firm Go. Sugar cane has also been affected, as has coffee. In contrast, soybeans, the main export product, were relatively less affected.

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