Smart washing machine detects how dirty clothes are?

The trend of applying artificial intelligence (AI) to washing machines

Appearing on the market since 2019, Electrolux’s Sensorwash soiling sensor technology combines a pre-wash sensor and a post-wash sensor, thereby improving cleaning efficiency and reducing detergent residue.

Smart washing machines are more and more interested in families

In the past two years, Panasonic has also started to put AI in some front-loading washing machines in the high-end segment. On these washing machines, Panasonic equips sensors that recognize the status of the laundry to adjust the washing cycle according to washing needs. Based on the condition of the laundry, the four sensors inside Panasonic washing machines including the load sensor, water level, water temperature and drum vibration frequency will change the operating level to match the condition. clothes.

LG has also integrated AI into washing machine models launched in early 2021 to recognize the load of laundry and fabric, thereby offering an optimal washing program with customizations for motion, temperature and time. washing time. LG also applies Deep Learning technology to the washing machine to connect and compare with 20,000 data on washing machine usage habits before offering the washing program that is considered optimal.

Launched in 2021, the Samsung AI Ecobubble smart washing machine can automatically distribute laundry detergent according to the degree of soiling (including 2 AI Wash sensor features and AI Dispenser smart washing compartment). To do this, the Samsung AI Ecobubble washing machine integrates 4 smart sensors, which analyze the soiling of the clothes, thereby automatically distributing the rinse water according to the degree of soiling, adjusting the washing time appropriately. This is also the technology that applies AI to the most advanced washing machine today.

Is a clothes soil sensor possible?

As mentioned above, washing machine manufacturers have all applied AI to recognize how dirty clothes are, but in very different ways. Comparing the state of clothes before and after washing or comparing the fabric of the laundry to determine the degree of soiling can be difficult to achieve highly, because the criteria for determining what is dirty will vary from household to household. , as well as with fabrics.

Among the dirt sensing technologies, the AI ​​Wash sensor “eyes” of Samsung smart washing machines are being evaluated by experts to be more effective, using a light sensor to determine the dirtiness thanks to the sensor. change the turbidity of the water.

Smart washing machine can automatically recognize the soiling of clothes, calculate the amount of water and laundry soap

More specifically about the operating mechanism, Samsung said that when starting to wash, the washing machine will weigh the clothes and put in an appropriate amount of washing water according to the volume. The machine then starts washing according to the user-selected cycle. During the washing process, the dirt sensor will analyze the dirt to see if the clothes are clean. This sensor system works based on scanning light beam technology to determine the dirtiness thanks to the clear turbidity of the water.

If it determines that the clothes are still dirty, the washing machine will automatically add more detergent and add the corresponding washing time, then continue washing until the clothes are perfectly clean. If there is no more dirt, the machine automatically shortens the washing time and ends the cycle earlier.

The feature of automatically distributing washing water according to the degree of soiling is the highlight and difference of Samsung washing machines compared to other washing machines on the market. The same automatic distribution of washing water, but most of the machines on the market only pour water according to the washing load and have presets.

Instead, Samsung can automatically adjust and distribute laundry detergent based on soiling, making clothes cleaner. In addition, the detergent compartment is also a convenient advantage, allowing users to only have to refill the washing water once to wash the whole month (from 16-20 times per month, according to the average data of washing 4 times / month). week). In addition to reducing soap pouring each time for the user, the large washing water tank also helps optimize the use of soapy water, limiting overfilling that wastes soap and reduces waste that is harmful to the environment. school.

The solution to clean clothes in the most economical way

With the simultaneous application of many of the latest sensor technologies and AI applications, Samsung has turned the smart washing machine into a “washing butler” in every family. The smart features all focus on 3 main benefits, including cleaner, more convenient and less soapy laundry.

Not only that, Samsung’s “washing butler” device also has an AI Control intelligent control panel with the ability to remember habits, automatically suggesting a washing mode that suits the actual usage habits of the user. use . For example, on 2 fixed days of the week, users often practice sports and choose the washing mode for sportswear, on those days, the machine will automatically suggest the mode without the user having to choose. The more you wash, the smarter the washing machine will be and better understand each family’s needs for more accurate recommendations.

Other technologies are also integrated into the washing machine by Samsung such as the Ecobubble ultra-fine bubble feature that activates the washing liquid/detergent to form super-fine bubbles that penetrate deep into the fabric, helping to remove stains 24% better, protecting protect clothes color fastness, material 45% better; QuickDrive super clean uses a super fast water jet with strong water force to increase the penetration power of superfine bubbles into clothes, increasing the efficiency of deep cleaning and saving up to 50% of washing time compared to conventional cleaning methods. often; Hygiene Steam steam washing ability can remove 99.9% of bacteria and allergens; VRT Plus super-quiet washing technology reduces noise and vibration 30% better than conventional washing machines.

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