Smart urban management with Viettel’s computer vision solution

Cybervision’s computer vision solution of Viettel Cyberspace Center applied in smart cities initially brought many positive values ​​to the Government and people.

Digital transformation is an inevitable global trend in today’s world, opening up opportunities to make a breakthrough and change the national ranking for Vietnam. Smartcity, is a city model that applies information technology and artificial intelligence solutions to the management and administration of the city’s socio-economic activities in order to improve urban living standards. service quality of the city government and efficient use of the city’s energy and resources. Not standing outside the 4th industrial revolution, many provinces and cities in Vietnam have considered Smartcity deployment as a key strategy in digital transformation.

Viettel’s “upstream” direction

In Vietnam, there are many localities that have deployed Smartcity at different levels, from small-scale testing to official citywide deployment. Basically, Smartcity solutions are all developed by Vietnamese businesses with different levels of technology mastery. However, it is a fact that these solutions often focus on technology and engineering. Companies and research groups refer to international technological achievements, then explore, improve and then find ways to apply them to Smartcity projects in Vietnam.

Investors also often choose the latest and most modern technologies as criteria to build visualization tools and automate the management and administration of the government.

The approach of Viettel Cyberspace Center (VTCC) when building Cybervison for Smartcity solution is different. Despite being one of the leading AI technology research and development units in Vietnam, VTCC does not start with technology.

According to VTCC, Smartcity development in general needs to be people-centered. The main purpose of Smartcity is not to serve the city government, but to focus more on developing e-government and digital government. Smartcity needs to integrate more services to serve the people, must focus on the level of interest, satisfaction and service usage of the people in order to increasingly improve service quality.

Starting from the same point of view and approach as on the Cybervision product team of Viettel Cyber ​​Center, they have gone into depth to find out the problems, problems, and pains of people, then choose appropriate solutions and technologies. in the field of computer vision to solve these problems. For the optimal solution to the problem, the product team members have also cooperated with experts in the fields of transportation, health, construction, urban planning… Therefore, the solution Cybervision for Smartcity of VTCC is both built by the most modern technologies in the field of computer vision, and is the crystallization of the industry knowledge of leading experts.

With the above approach, the Cybervison for Smartcity solution has applied artificial intelligence technology in the field of computer vision to analyze to automatically process the signals sent from the Camera to help solve management problems. traffic, security and order in the city. In which, Cybervision for Transportation has the following features: counting traffic; control means of entry and exit of the city during the anti-epidemic period; detect traffic violations, output cold fines with pictures and video evidence of violations; monitoring encroachment on sidewalks, illegal parking, dumping garbage at the wrong place; public parking area fees.

And Cybervision for Security solves the following problems: detecting crowds that disrupt public order; detect blacklisted objects; manage entry and exit, measure body temperature at public agencies, office buildings; detect illegal intrusions; detecting forgotten or stolen objects in public places; detect telecommunication cables, hanging power lines lose their beauty; detect smoke, fire, fire…

Smart urban management with Viettel's computer vision solution

First steps

According to VTCC, the Cybervison for Smartcity solution is built closely to actual use cases, so right from the first days of testing, there have been outstanding results.

During the past 4th outbreak of Covid-19 epidemic, many provinces and cities have applied this solution to control vehicles entering and leaving the city such as Thai Nguyen, Quang Tri. This not only helps the provinces control the means of transport through their province, but does not cause congestion and the risk of infection for officers on duty like manual control.

In Hung Yen, in the first month of testing (October 2021), 9,767 traffic violations were detected automatically, with specific images and videos. One thing will be difficult to do and cost a lot of effort and human resources if used in the traditional way of patrolling. Also in Hung Yen in the first week of deployment, thanks to the number plate recognition technology, the people lost 80 million VND.

Smart urban management with Viettel's computer vision solution

Because of the results from the first days of deploying Cybervison for Smartcity solution of Viettel Cyber ​​Center, some localities after successful testing have invested and officially implemented it, such as Sam Son city, district Hai Chau (Da Nang), Thanh Tri district (Hanoi)… The remaining provinces and cities are all put into implementation plans in 2022.

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