Smart home appliances: ‘liberation’ or more trouble?

Ordinary household items are gradually giving way to smart devices capable of handling housework optimally. However, investing in a modern home appliance does not always yield the desired results?

Household appliances 4.0: When artificial intelligence takes the throne

According to predictions by Arizton Advisory & Intelligence, the smart home appliance market will surpass the $ 600 million mark by 2024. This future can happen earlier when Covid-19 has been affecting all aspects. In particular, the needs and frequency of using household appliances of families change significantly. In addition to handling, cost or durability, users also expect multi-function, easy-to-clean and energy-saving household appliances.

Smart home appliances become the choice of modern families

Therefore, many “big players” in the electronics industry also quickly apply technology to “revolutionize” their products. Smart devices “labeled” with AI such as robot vacuum cleaners, washing machines, etc. are constantly being launched into the market, promising to satisfy the maximum needs of users for convenience.

However, will these smart home appliances make life as easy as expected or indirectly create countless other problems?

Process “poles” into the body…

Because they want to meet all user needs, many brands have developed a line of smart products with multi-cycle integration. It is not difficult to come across rice cookers with cooking modes for rice, sticky rice, porridge, … with a different set of buttons. However, this inadvertently created a backlash, leaving users bewildered by the “matrix” of features and control buttons.

Ms. H. Trang (33 years old, housewife) shared: “Even though I have used it for 2 months, I still cannot distinguish the modes of the smart rice cooker. When I heard the introduction about the functions, I also wanted to buy it, now it’s too much to bother. It only takes one button for the machine to automatically set the appropriate mode.”

The purpose of the introduction of smart devices is to simplify the process, helping users save time and effort. However, the reality shows the opposite. Many consumers have a headache thinking about the right process for their needs. Not to mention, some people will often only stick to a single mode or “press big” to save time choosing.

Or let life be easy?

However, in the past 2 years, the home appliance market has welcomed generations of devices that both solve the problem of multitasking and help streamline the usage process.

Smart home appliances: 'liberation' or more trouble?

In addition to the huge data warehouse, these devices also possess advanced technology such as artificial intelligence to help automate operations. Typically, the LG AI DD™ washing machine is being “hunted” by Vietnamese families.

Thanks to AI technology that accurately senses the fabric and weight of the washing tub, the LG AI DD™ can automatically suggest a wash cycle that fully integrates the cotton, blanket, etc. modes that people often use. use. As a result, users can wash wool and cotton clothes without sorting or worrying about choosing the right process because stains will be perfectly removed while the clothes are still protected optimally.

Smart home appliances: 'liberation' or more trouble?
LG AI DD™ machine makes laundry easy thanks to AI application and direct drive motor

In addition, brands also invest in motor systems compatible with AI processing capabilities, such as the direct-drive motor of the LG AI DD™ washing machine. With this motor, the washing machine can create 6 flexible movements, meeting every cycle that AI technology has set.

Smart home appliances: 'liberation' or more trouble?

Whether smart home appliances make life easier or not depends on many factors. But undeniably, the generation of AI home appliances is opening the door to helping brands optimize the experience they bring to millions of homes.

LG AIDD – direct-drive AI washing machine with multi-tasking smart features that optimally handle all loads of laundry with a variety of materials

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