Skin care facilities were caught sucking fat ‘hidden’

HCMCThe functional force inspected the Kang Beauty Center facility in District 10, catching the result of illegally sucking thigh fat for customers.

Ho Chi Minh City Department of Health said that the inspection conducted by the Department Inspector and the city police on March 16, after detecting the account “Doctor Richard Bui – The number one liposuction in Ho Chi Minh City” posted an advertisement. medical examination and treatment services in the field of cosmetology at the Kang Beauty Center facility.

When checking, the functional forces recorded two guests coming to this facility for surgery to absorb thigh fat, belly fat. In it, a person is being sucked thigh fat. The inspection team asked the facility to stop liposuction, contact the Emergency Center 115 for an ambulance to take the visitor to the hospital to treat the wound.

The inspection force discovered that the Kang Beauty Center has three operating rooms on two different floors. Inside the operating rooms are equipped with operating tables, surgical lamps, oxygen tanks, monitors, tools and other medical equipment. In addition, there are two rooms for medical supplies, a skin care room with skin care machines and needle rollers, an anesthetic box of unknown origin, and a foreign language label.

At the front desk and the operating room area, the authorities discovered more service manuals, invoices, advice cards … many other surgical services.

The inspection team sealed and seized 57 packages including medical equipment, medical supplies, drugs and medical equipment.

The owner of the business shall present the Certificate of business household registration, with the line of “Retail cosmetics, skin care services”. This service does not include skin care causing bleeding, skin damage, cosmetic surgery, and non-high technology. Establishment owners fail to present their practice certificates and operation licenses according to the Law on Examination and Treatment.

The inspection team requested the Kang Beauty Center facility to immediately stop medical examination and treatment in the field of cosmetology; Stop advertising without full legal documents.

The inspection team recorded the Kang Beauty Center illegal cosmetic surgery facility. Image: HCMC Department of Health.

On March 15, the inspection team of Janhee Aesthetic Institute and Janhee Dental Clinic, at the same address on Cao Thang Street, Ward 5, District 3. This facility is only licensed to operate as a specialist of Dentistry. currently unauthorized skin care and cosmetic surgery services.

The doctor in charge of dental expertise here cannot provide the updated client, outpatient treatment records of the specialist clinic according to the Law on Examination and Treatment.

The inspection team noted that the establishment had two skin care rooms, equipped with skin care machines, could not present the machine’s origin record, and there were staff taking care of the skin for customers. In addition to the dental clinic, there are cosmetic bags that do not have a record of origin. The functional force also discovered many eyelid surgery service vouchers, eyebrow lift and installment agreement contracts of customers, order book …

Beauty Salon 792 CR has a lot of drugs but has not provided invoices, documents, and origin.  The inspection team has sealed and temporarily seized 5 boxes of goods.  Photo: HCMC Department of Health.

5 boxes of drugs are sealed at 792 CR Beauty Salon because the owner has not presented invoices and documents. Image: HCMC Department of Health.

Beauty Salon 792 CR, belonging to CrLong Beauty Salon Co., Ltd., on Truong Chinh Street, Ward 15, Tan Binh District, was also caught by functional forces.

At the time of inspection, this facility was having many customers waiting at the front desk. The mission discovered information records of customers performing lip spraying, eyebrow spraying, scar treatment, stem cells, needle rolling, keloid injection, collagen transplantation, eczema treatment … Treatment includes sline rhinoplasty, upper eyelid removal, chin implantation, facial stretch …

The inspection team noted that a number of skin care rooms at this salon “show signs of operation” with many sprayers, tattoos, leather embroidery and alcohol trolleys, cotton, gloves, lights.

The facility manager presents the Business Registration Certificate, a photocopy of the Skin Care Certificate. In addition, this person is unable to present a practice certificate and operation license as prescribed by the Law on Examination and Treatment.

These establishments have all been suspended and have not been licensed.

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