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Six weeks after winning the US election, Putin congratulated Joe Biden, but when will Trump agree

Russian President Vladimir Putin has congratulated newly elected President Joe Biden on Tuesday for his victory, nearly six weeks after his victory in the US election. A day earlier, the US Electoral Board officially confirmed Joe Biden’s victory. However, many world leaders congratulated Joe Biden on the victory just a few days after the election. But, the Kremlin said that it would be okay to wait for official results to congratulate the winner on Putin’s behalf.

Putin said: US-Russia has special responsibility for global peace

In a statement issued on Tuesday by the Kremlin, “Vladimir Putin has expressed his best wishes for the success of the newly elected president and has expressed confidence that Russia and the United States, which have a special responsibility for global peace and stability, are at odds.” Despite the challenges and problems that the world is facing, these two countries can really contribute.

Putin further said that “Russia-US cooperation is based on the principle of equality and mutual respect which will stand on the interests of both the country and the entire global community.” The Russian President further said- “From my side, I am ready to cooperate and contact with you.”

Electoral board confirmed Biden’s name as America’s next president

The US Electoral Board gave a formal confirmation of his victory by giving Joe Biden a majority for the post of Vice President to the President of the country and Senator Kamla Harris of Indian origin, after which Biden said that “now to unite, heal wounds and emerald The time has come to “reverse”. With this, the legal battle of the outgoing President Donald Trump came to an end in which the election was accused of widespread fraud.

According to the law, the electoral college meets on the first Monday after the second Wednesday of December. On this day, electors from all 50 states and the District of Columbia meet to cast their votes. The presidential election was held on November 3. Biden won a majority of the 538-member electorate by securing more than 270 votes. Although the meeting of the electoral college is only a formality, this meeting was more discussed this year than before, as the current President of the country Trump refused to accept defeat and has made allegations of fraud in the election.

Biden said – test of America’s democracy

Biden said that America’s democracy was tested and posed a threat, but the country’s democracy proved to be “true and strong”. Biden said, “The torch of democracy was ignited in the country a long time ago and now we know that no global epidemic or abuse of power can be extinguished by this torch of democracy.”

He said, “Democracy won in the fight for the soul of America. People voted. Confidence in our institutions remained. The integrity of our elections remained intact and hence the time has come to turn the page. The time has come to unite and heal the wounds. Biden said, “I and Vice President Harris won the election’s 306 votes, which is a lot more than the 270 votes needed to win.” Trump and Mike Pence also received the same number of votes in 2016. At that time President Trump called it a historic victory. By their own standards, this number indicates a clear victory. ”

Biden to take over as president on January 20

Biden said Trump’s actions violated America’s core democratic values ​​and also affected the peaceful transfer of power. He said that America’s guiding principles will always remain intact. Biden said, “America is ruled by the people and the public gives the right to a leader to take the reins of power.”

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