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Six innovative and pretty board games to play with the family

Six innovative and pretty board games to play with the family

Dragomino (Blue Orange)

Children’s adaptation of the famous game Kingdomino, Dragomino plunges us into a very happy fantasy world. Each player embodies a dragon trainer tasked with collecting as many eggs as possible during their journey through different ecosystems: desert, meadow, forest… The game mechanics reinvent the principle of dominoes: you draw tiles to create your path. Each time we manage to paste two corresponding images, we collect an egg which may or may not contain a magical creature. The landscapes, drawn by Christine Deschamps and Maëva Da Silva, are luminous and the baby dragons, absolutely crisp.

From 2 to 4 players, from 5 years old.

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Six innovative and pretty board games to play with the family

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.Tyle (Professor Puzzle)

Tyle is a puzzle game that looks like a design maze. The box, a funny cube capable of balancing on a corner, contains colored tiles representing road segments that must be placed at random, side by side. The grid in place, the rules are in a few lines: we must move our pawn from one corner to another, knowing that at each turn an opponent can move or rotate a piece to force us to fork and to find another way. The fifteen-minute games are easily linked and, once the basic rules have been mastered, the manual offers several variations to spice up the game.

From 2 to 4 players, from 8 years old.

Six innovative and pretty board games to play with the family

Carcata (Goliath)

Desire to escape ? Take a trip to the volcanic island of Carcata. Each player has a tribe of five small characters who will try to climb the slopes of the volcano and collect precious stones, moving forward with dice. But keeping your troops alive isn’t easy when you have to dodge the lava flows and gems sent by your opponents using the catapult, hidden in the crater in the center of the board. Carcata, awarded a 2020 Toy Grand Prix, requires both strategy and skill. Very competitive, this game also has a cooperative aspect: if the ancestral turtle makes two complete turns of the island, all players lose the game. A race against time where the atmosphere is guaranteed!

From 2 to 4 people, from 8 years old.

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Six innovative and pretty board games to play with the family

Codex naturalis (Bombyx)

Lovers of the Middle Ages, this game is for you. Designed by a small publishing house based in Quimper, Codex naturalis is inspired by medieval illuminations through its richly illustrated maps. Butterflies, mushrooms, frogs, wolves or deer, the graphic universe created by Maxime Morin, both stylized and expressive, is worth the detour. The mechanics of the game itself take a little time to learn, but nothing insurmountable. The goal is to collect the manuscript pages of a copyist monk to achieve secret or collective objectives (create card combinations, collect symbols…) and earn points. Little extra: the small and compact metal box makes the game easy to transport.

From 2 to 4 people, from 8 years old.

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Six innovative and pretty board games to play with the family

Detective Club (Igames)

Imagine a moon transformed into a hot-air balloon, a thermometer wrapped in a scarf as if it were in danger of catching a cold, a dresser drawer containing a raging ocean or a diver in a bathtub… Welcome to the whimsical world of Detective Club ! In this game of deduction and bluffing, players must unmask a randomly designated “dream thief” using cards with dreamlike and wacky designs, rich in winks (to Alice in Wonderland, at Jack and the magic bean…). The thief must make others believe that he is not the intruder. The more we are, the more we have fun in this party game that stimulates the imagination as much as the ability to improvise.

From 4 to 8 people, from 8 years old.

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Six innovative and pretty board games to play with the family

7 Wonders (Repos Production)

The great classic of the management game, which has received more than 30 international awards since its release in 2010, returns in a magnificent reissue with slightly modified rules. Those who do not yet know it do not be discouraged by the thickness of the manual. The principle of the game is not that complicated: it is about collecting resource and building cards to make your city prosper and protect it from the attacks of its opponents. In the new version, the maps have been simplified to be more readable and the illustrations of the “wonders” (the lighthouse of Alexandria, the pyramid of Cheops, the hanging gardens of Babylon, etc.), visible by day or by night depending on the side. of the plateau, are splendid!

From 3 to 7 people, from 10 years old.


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