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Situation worsened in Canada due to Kovid-19 restrictions and anti-vaccine demonstrations

Canada Truck Drivers Protests: There is an atmosphere of panic all over the world due to Corona epidemic. Meanwhile, strong demonstrations are being held in Canada against Kovid Restrictions and Vaccines. Emergency is in force in Ottawa. Truck drivers are very angry about the mandatory and restrictions on the Kovid-19 vaccine in Canada and they are protesting fiercely.

Thousands of trucks are queuing. There is heavy traffic jam in many areas of Ottawa. Canadian authorities struggled hard on Monday to deal with truck drivers’ protests against COVID restrictions. After the situation worsens in the national capital, there is a big challenge for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to deal with it.

The situation worsened due to the demonstration of truck drivers in Ottawa

Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson urged the federal government to appoint a mediator to negotiate with the protesters and find a way to quell the protests. Local residents are greatly affected by the constant honking of horns and diesel fumes. On Sunday, Watson declared a state of emergency in the capital after the protests spiraled out of control.

On January 9, protests by truck drivers angered by the necessity of a vaccine while crossing the US-Canadian border began on January 9. Soon it turned into a massive protest against Trudeau’s government. There is a 70-km-long convoy of protesting truck drivers, which has been named Freedom Convoy.

Government denies possibility of deployment of army

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has for now ruled out the possibility of deploying the army to disperse the protesters. The protesters are ready for talks with the government but they are demanding relaxation in restrictions related to the corona epidemic. Meanwhile, Ottawa police announced new measures to quell protests by banning the supply of fuel and other supplies to people at rallies on Sunday. People who try to provide material support to the protesters are being arrested. Several vehicles have been confiscated.

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