Singapore invested an additional 22.57 million USD to promote 5G development

According to an announcement recently released from the Infocomm Communications Development Agency of Singapore (IMDA), Singapore has spent an additional S $ 30 million ($ 22.57 million) to promote the development and adoption of products. and domestic 5G service.

This government grant is intended to facilitate efforts to commercialize services and financial support for more local companies, including small and medium enterprises (SMBs). This is the latest capital inflow, part of the Singapore government’s 5G Innovation program aimed at tackling the challenges of the mobile industry.

As a rule, organizations applying for funding must indicate a significant value and impact on local businesses and industry and include plans to operate and commercialize their products. 5G products. The Singapore government prioritizes and encourages organizations to focus on key technology areas including robotics, Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and virtual / augmented reality (VR / AR). Approved projects will receive up to 70% of eligible costs from IMDA funds.

Earlier, in June 2019, IMDA also announced various initiatives to promote 5G innovation and adoption in Singapore, including S $ 40 million ($ 30.09 million). to build support ecosystems. At the same time promoting development in a number of areas such as smart real estate, urban transport and maritime, …

These efforts paved the way for various trials involving local telecom companies, including several pilot models using 5G networks such as testing of autonomous navigation vehicles and compact cranes. Auto rubber at Pasir Panjang Port is operated by mobile operators M1 and Singtel. Besides, a new pilot in cooperation with M1, Continental Automotive Singapore and JTC deploys automated mobile robot and construction safety analysis using 5G. These trials will be conducted in the Jurong Innovative Urban Area (Jurong Innovation District) and aim to increase operations and drive innovation in Singapore’s logistics and construction sectors.

IMDA CEO Lew Chuen Hong said: “5G is an important factor for Singapore’s digital future. The next phase of our 5G strategy is to drive innovation and accelerate the adoption and commercialization of 5G solutions in Singapore with this S $ 30 million fund.

Singapore issued two nationwide 5G licenses last June to mobile operator Singtel and a joint venture between StarHub and M1. It is expected that independent 5G networks nationwide will be operational by 2025.

Phan Van Hoa (according to Zdnet)


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