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Singapore Health Ministry said, there is no evidence of Omicron being more dangerous than other variants

Omicron Variant updates: There is currently no evidence that the new form of the corona virus, Omicron, is more dangerous than other forms of symptoms, or that existing vaccines or treatments are ineffective against it. This has been said in a news quoting the Singapore Health Ministry. According to the news of ‘Channel News Asia’, the ministry said that two people infected with Omicron traveled from Singapore to Malaysia and Australia. The Singapore Health Ministry said that more information and studies are needed regarding Omicron and more cases are expected to come globally in the coming weeks.

The ministry said that taking additional precautionary measures would give them time to learn how to fight this form. On the spread of Omicron infection at Singapore’s Changi Airport, the ministry said that the first case of infection was of a person traveling on a Singapore Airlines flight from Johannesburg on November 27.

Visited Sydney on 28 November

The person reached here for the same day transit flight. After this, the person traveled to Sydney on 28 November on another Singapore airline flight. Australia confirmed the person was infected. The person was found negative on 24 November before leaving for South Africa. Till Friday, 2,67,916 cases of infection have been reported in Singapore and 744 people have died.

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