Singapore company uses blockchain to reduce Covid-19 vaccine incidents

Medical services company Zuellig Pharma uses a blockchain-based tracking system to prevent incidents related to expired Covid-19 vaccines.

An employee stands in front of Zuellig’s Covid-19 vaccine storage cabinet in Singapore. (Photo: AFP)

According to Zuellig Pharma, public and private customers can instantly verify the origin and authenticity of vaccines or other medical products using the eZTracker administration system. The system uses blockchain technology to capture, track, and trace different data points for products like vaccines, to improve supply chain transparency and enable quick authentication via mobile apps. .

Daniel Laverick, Vice President and Head of Digital and Data Solutions at Zuellig, said that with products registered with eZTracker, users only need to scan the 2D data on the packaging to verify important information. like expiration date, temperature, origin. As a result, problems related to expired or improperly stored vaccines can be avoided.

On January 12, Hong Kong authorities revealed that a private clinic here had administered an expired Covid-19 vaccine to 36 people. Two people reported gastrointestinal discomfort after the injection. The vaccine number expires on January 2.

Zuellig solutions help patients avoid accidents that endanger their health and safety. For eZTracking to be truly effective, it takes a concerted effort between the government, healthcare facilities, and patients to form the habit of verifying products before use.

Zuellig said that their technology not only applies to Covid-19 vaccines, but also helps to address growing concerns about counterfeit goods, counterfeit goods, black market, improper storage, ineffective drug administration fruit. According to a report by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, consumers in Southeast Asia spend between $520 million and $2.6 billion each year on counterfeit drugs. In June 2021, Hong Kong confiscated about 110,000 pills and 1.5 liters of counterfeit medicine with an estimated value of 513,700 USD.

Du Lam (According to SCMP)

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Singapore advises on Covid-19 during Tet, new cases in Russia record high

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