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Cholestasis of pregnancy, dermatological diseases, hormonal changes… can cause itching in the feet and hands, making life difficult for pregnant women.

Itching is a common symptom experienced by many pregnant women during pregnancy, which can occur all over the body or concentrate in some areas, usually on the feet and hands. The following are the causes indicated by medical experts.

Hormonal changes

Dr. Cindy M. Duke, US expert in assisted reproduction and virology, shared on Very Well Family that hormonal changes during pregnancy can affect the motor nerves in the legs and arms. During this period, they become more sensitive, so pregnant women often feel more itchy.

Mental stress

Some pregnant women may feel more mentally stressed. Women who have been diagnosed with an endometriosis, or with fibromyalgia, should be aware of changes in pregnancy caused by emotional stress. A collection of studies in Rheumatology in Turkey shows that this pruritus may be one of the symptoms of an internal neuropathy.

Pregnant women can experience a lot of itchy hands and feet due to a number of reasons. Image: Freepik

Dermatological diseases

According to research on Psoriasis Solutions, published in the US National Library of Medicine, some dermatological problems that occur during pregnancy can also cause discomfort and itching for pregnant women, the most common are: Psoriasis. Health experts say that about 10-20% of pregnant women have more severe psoriasis than usual.

Another skin condition that can appear during pregnancy is PUPPP (papules and papules during pregnancy). According to a research report from the University of Michigan Health, USA, the disease does not affect the health of the fetus but often causes discomfort. It usually appears as an itchy rash on the abdomen and can spread to the thighs, arms, and buttocks.

Cholestasis in pregnancy

Statistics from the Cleveland Clinic (USA) show that, for every 1,000 pregnant women in the US, one to two is diagnosed with intra-pregnant cholestasis (ICP). This is also a potential cause of itching during pregnancy, especially in the extremities. Cholestasis of pregnancy or obstetric cholestasis is a disease caused by impaired liver function. Cholestasis occurs because the liver decreases or stops its ability to process bile and stop secreting digestive juices. The accumulation of bile acids in the skin is a trigger for itching.

Cholestasis often occurs in late pregnancy, causing itching to occur all over the body or in localized areas, most commonly on the hands and feet. The intensity of itching tends to decrease gradually during the day and is often worse at night, so it can cause sleep disturbances for pregnant women. Other symptoms include nausea, exhaustion, poor appetite, dark urine, and pain in the upper right side of the abdomen. Eyes and skin may also become yellow.

Pregnant women with cholestasis should be examined because this is a disease that can affect the health of the fetus. The condition, if left untreated, can lead to premature birth, fetal distress, breathing problems in the newborn, and stillbirth.

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