Sickness leaves for Covid-19: temp agencies are struggling to keep up with “huge demand”

With this Omicron wave, companies are facing a difficulty: the absences of their employees, due to isolation due to Covid-19 or unvaccinated contact cases. These confined employees, they must be replaced and many companies are turning to temporary work.

But the replacements are in the same situation as the incumbents, testifies Eric Haddad, CEO of the interim Connectt group: “With us, too, we had a high rate of absences. Today, to give you an idea of ​​the magnitude, we have between 17% and 20% of temporary workers with us who are either affected by Covid or in case of no contact. -vaccinated, so that means not available. ”

This represents around 400 of the 2,000 temporary workers registered in the group. Among them, Warenn tested positive at the end of December, just before resuming his mission. “I caught the Covid on December 29 and suddenly I was on leave for a week, he says. I was drunk but hey, missions, we have plenty of others. “ “As there are a lot of positive cases, there must be quite a few companies looking for temporary workers so that doesn’t worry me more than that”, says Warenn.

And indeed, this start of the year is particularly intense, according to the CEO of Connectt. His group is “today faced with huge demand.”

“The month of January, in the interim, in general, is always a small recovery which rises crescendo as the year progresses. This year, it was a very, very strong demand.”

Éric Haddad, CEO of the interim Connectt group

“This is the first time in 15 years that I have seen such a rapid recovery”, says Vania Pinto, head of one of Connectt’s Parisian agencies, specializing in construction. She is well aware of this with her teams in the field: “Normally, in the construction sector, we resume around the third week of January, or even the first week of February. And there, we are almost on the schedule we had before the Christmas holidays. saw that. “

As a result of this intense activity and these isolated temporary workers too, not all companies can be satisfied. More and more offers no longer find takers.

Interim boxes facing Omicron – Report by Dimitri Morgado

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