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Calcium is not the only nutrient that helps children grow taller, but there are nearly 40 different nutrients that help bones develop.

I have two children 7 and 9 years old, a bit short, at night they often complain of leg pain, is it due to calcium deficiency? Should I take calcium supplements or how to increase height for two children safely. In addition, can children at this age do aerobics or swim to increase height? (Tran Kim Lien)


First, two 7 and 9 year olds that sound like the same age are actually very different as this relates to the stages of puberty. The first stage of puberty requires a completely different diet and exercise from the second stage. Therefore, it is difficult to have a common answer for both babies.

In the case of your child, the information provided is not clear, it is not clear how low the baby is. If you want to know exactly whether your child is short or not, it must be compared with the age, level and stage of puberty of that age. On examination, we will have to reevaluate factors, such as 2-3 cm deficiency occurring before the age of two years or more recently, to offer different management.

When talking about the height of children, the first and almost only thing that mothers remember is calcium supplements. While in fact a child grows in height, ie the tubular bones, leg bones, axial bones, and backbone lengthen, it is necessary to grow the whole length of the skeleton. Calcium isn’t the only nutrient that builds bones.

To build a skeleton, the body needs nearly 40 different nutrients, not just calcium. The nutrients must be in balance, in harmony with each other, the quantity must be suitable for the developmental stages of the child. Calcium supplements alone are not effective in increasing the height of the baby.

Second, your child appears to have leg pain, which is quite a dangerous sign. Leg pain can be related to joint pain, muscle pain due to growth, ie the baby’s growth is too fast while the nutritional supply is not enough to serve that growth, leading to pain symptoms. Therefore, I think that the baby may enter puberty and grow taller quickly, but the current diet is not enough to provide nutrition for the body, not to mention inappropriate movements also lead to pain. .

Therefore, the mother should take the two babies to the doctor to assess the current situation, thereby giving the best plan to help the baby grow. Because this is a time we can take advantage of to help your baby develop optimal height in the final stage of height development of life.

Third, at the age of 7-9, combining both aerobics and swimming is very good for the growth of children’s height, but it is necessary to pay attention to the appropriate amount of exercise. Your baby’s foot pain can be a sign of overload. Therefore, when children participate in exercise, it is necessary to pay attention to the duration and frequency of practice. At the age of two children, the frequency should be maintained 3-5 times a week, the duration of exercise is about 30 minutes, should not last more than 90 minutes because it will cause stress to the baby’s body, leading to many health risks. .

If the baby only goes swimming, it is not good for height growth. Because in the underwater environment, gravity acts on the body differently than the horizontal, so it is good for muscle activity. Therefore, it is advisable for your baby to alternate sports, for example 1-2 swimming sessions a week combined with 1-2 aerobic sessions will be appropriate for the baby’s age.

Dr. BS Dao Thi Yen Phi
Head of the Department of Nutrition, Pham Ngoc Thach Medical University
Senior Advisor, Nutrihome Nutrition Clinic System


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