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Should Seoul also have nuclear weapons, why is this discussion going on in South Korea?

Seoul: After firing its largest missile ever, North Korea is preparing to conduct a nuclear test. Such is the claim of officials and analysts. After North Korea’s intentions became clear, the debate has started again whether Seoul should also have nuclear weapons?

Russian attack on Ukraine changed the mood of the people of South Korea 
Russian invasion of Ukraine as well as the activities of North Korea changed the mood of the people in South Korea which Now I want to find my own solution. Soo Kim of RAND Corporation said, "There is talk of South Korea possibly acquiring its nuclear capability."

Kim said, "The nuclear option is likely to remain on the discussion table for Seoul’s decision makers. But it will certainly have implications and extend far beyond the Korean peninsula."

Most civilians in favor of nuclear weapons 
Discussions on whether South Korea should acquire nuclear weapons have gone beyond official circles, with most civilians also taking such steps support.

Seventy percent of South Koreans want the country to have a nuclear weapon, according to a research paper published in February by the US-based Carnegie Endowment and the Chicago Council on Global Affairs.

North Korea has tested nuclear weapons 6 times so far 
North Korea has tested nuclear weapons six times since 2006 and in 2017 its last and most powerful one was hydrogen The bomb is claimed to be successful, with an estimated yield of 250 kilotons.

Since North Korea’s ICBMs are still not fully developed, said Cha Du-hyogan, a researcher at Seoul’s Asan Institute for Policy Studies, every time "high risk of failure" It happens. Last month, a North Korean missile exploded in the sky over Pyongyang.

North Korea may conduct new test soon As part of celebrations for the 110th anniversary of Sung’s birth.

Satellite imagery shows signs of new activity in a tunnel at the Pungye-ri test site, which was demolished by North Korea ahead of the Trump-Kim summit in 2018. The Vienna-based Open Nuclear Network says it has seen excavations and signs of increased activity, indicating North Korea is preparing it for a nuclear weapon test.

South Korea and nuclear weapons 
Seoul had a secret nuclear program in the 1970s, which was terminated in exchange for security guarantees from the United States. America gave South Korea to  Deployed 28,500 troops for protection from its nuclear-armed neighbour, and recently intensified military demonstrations, sending an aircraft carrier by the end of this week for the first time since 2017.

Many commentators with the fate of Ukraine "very clear" See the similarities. Kyiv gave up its large stock of USSR-era nuclear weapons in exchange for security guarantees,  over which it never had operational control.

However, for many South Koreans, US security guarantees are no longer sufficient. While 56 percent of South Koreans support allowing the United States nuclear weapons in the country, according to a February research paper, the polling group voted "heavily" The US preferred an independent arsenal over the deployment option.

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