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Should schools be closed due to COVID-19? World Bank education director said this

World Bank’s Global Education Director On Reopening Schools: Corona Pandemic has once again wreaked havoc across the world. Meanwhile, World Bank Education Director Jaime Saavedra said that there is no justification for keeping schools closed due to Kovid-19. He said that even if there are new waves of epidemics, closing schools should not be the last resort.

Jaime Saavedra, whose team is monitoring the impact of COVID-19 on the education sector, says there is no evidence that reopening schools has led to an increase in coronavirus cases and that schools are not safe places. Is. There is no point in waiting until children are vaccinated to reopen schools, as there is no science behind it, he said.

‘No justification for keeping the school closed’

World Bank education director Jaime Saavedra said, “There is no link between opening schools and the spread of the corona virus. There is no evidence to link the two things and there is no justification for keeping the school closed.” “Keeping restaurants, bars and shopping malls open and schools closed is not a point, it is not an excuse,” he said.

‘The cost of closing schools is too high’

He said, “If schools are opened, the health risk for children due to Kovid is low, but the cost of closing schools is very high. From the age of 2020, we were going into an ocean of ignorance. We do not know yet. What is the best way to deal with the corona pandemic and most of the countries of the world had closed the schools as an immediate process. A lot of time has passed since then. Look at 2020 and 2021, we have proof that corona There have been many waves of that and there are many countries that have opened schools.”

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