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Many people share the benefits of saffron during treatment and recovery after Covid-19. Please ask the doctor, the effect of saffron in this case? (Minh Tu, Hanoi)

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Saffron has been used for centuries to treat fevers, bronchitis, colds, and other immune and respiratory disorders. “Saffron” is actually the name for the pistil of the saffron plant. In fact, the properties of saffron, like many other spices and foods, are to support the immune system in general, but not have a specific effect or have a therapeutic effect on Covid-19.

However, for patients with Covid-19 or after being negative, it is very necessary to supplement nutrients so that the body can fight the disease and recover quickly. Accordingly, saffron contains keampferol, which supports the protection of the heart muscle against the risk of hypoxia; improve the function of the heart, reduce the incidence of heart attacks; improved brain function by phosphorylates; respiratory function, kidney; In addition, saffron’s anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and other medicinal properties aid in boosting immunity and managing depression, stress and anxiety caused by F0 is locked up, isolated, or in prolonged isolation.

However, saffron also brings unwanted effects if taken in excess, such as: reducing appetite, causing symptoms of nausea, headache, sweating, dizziness, fatigue. Even saffron can increase the rate of miscarriage due to uterine contractions and bleeding, especially in the first and 20 weeks of pregnancy. Pregnant women using high doses may experience preeclampsia.

Therefore, when using any natural food or herb to treat disease or supplement nutrition, patients need to consult a nutritionist or doctor to ensure safety.

In general, providing nutrients for the body is very necessary, but it needs science and thorough investigation. Instead of expensive, advertised foods, patients only need to provide enough nutrients for the body with daily foods such as meat, fish, green vegetables, fruits… Besides, Everyone needs to exercise regularly every day (depending on their health as well as their physical condition) and keep a cheerful and optimistic spirit to quickly recover from illness, and keep their body healthy and full of life. .

MSc. Nguyen Chi Tuan
Respiratory Internal Medicine Center, Military Hospital 103

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