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Many of you advised me with a fever due to Covid-19 not to drink orange juice due to the cold, please consult a doctor? (Tu Linh, 27 years old)



Orange is a fruit that is commonly used every day, especially for sick people who want to increase their resistance. Orange juice is a micronutrient supplement, has a high content of vitamin C, a lot of calcium, good for the body.

According to Eastern medicine, oranges calculate salary (cool) not cold (cold), have anti-vomiting effect, spread evil spirits out of the body, fight cough. For people with fever, orange juice has the ability to rehydrate the body, reduce anorexia, and prevent bloating. Therefore, F0 with fever can completely use orange juice, similar to drinking oresol to rehydrate the body. Usually, patients can drink 1-2 cups per day, should be mixed with boiled water to cool.

Particularly for F0 with diabetes, should only drink half the amount of orange juice compared to the average person, should not add sugar (if available, only use type for diabetics) or add salt, depending on each person’s taste. .

For children, it is recommended to add a glass of diluted orange juice (equivalent to an orange) every day to improve digestion, prevent indigestion and bloating. You can let your child use orange juice as a snack during the day, note, do not drink orange juice after just drinking milk.

In addition, orange juice is also very good for those F0 who are prone to vomiting and coughing without affecting the treatment or other symptoms. Orange is even better than cephalopod – a popular medicine in traditional medicine – specializing in cough and phlegm, indigestion, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Although it has many benefits for the body, F0 should not be abused or used as a substitute for filtered water. Combine a variety of fresh fruits and remember to provide the minimum amount of water for the body as recommended.

Wish you recover soon!

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Dr. Dr. Ngo Quang Hai
Former Deputy Director of the Center for Training and Directing, Central Acupuncture Hospital


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