Shops: why are big brands removing flyers?




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Abandoning paper and ecological considerations are not the only motivations of large retailers. She is also looking for efficiency, as explained, on the 19/20 set of France 3 Monday, January 17, the journalist from France Télévisions Julien Cholin.

“Digital tools, in addition to being less expensive, are also better targeted”, indicates the journalist of France Télévisions, Julien Cholin, on the set of 19/20 of France 3 Monday January 17. For example, quotes the journalist, “if you need an umbrella, many of you have the reflex to go on the internet, see the products available to get an idea”. These searches are recorded by our browser, “result, when you return to the internet, you see advertisements appearing offering you umbrellas near you”. Proposals will also be sent directly by email. “as long as you have an online account”.

It’s hard to say if these newsletters work with consumers. “We can still rely on an experiment attempted by Carrefour”, quotes the journalist. “They removed the flyers in four stores. Soon after, just 10% to 20% of customers had signed up to receive the ads otherwise.” The recipients may be fewer in number but have a more pronounced interest. This digital marketing is not so neutral for the planet, since, as Julien Cholin reminds us, “a simple email is equivalent to leaving a light bulb on for 24 hours”. There remains the possibility of unsubscribing.

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