Shops: bookstores eager to turn the page on containment

Saturday 28 November, half an hour before the opening of the Suramps bookstore, Montpellier’s historic store (Herault), some customers are already waiting in front of the entrance. I like to leaf through, stroll, look, touch books …“, explains a man. This is the first thing I do this morning, come here to buy some reading material“, says an elderly lady. It is a pleasure and I am very happy to come!, rejoices a third. Happiness shared by booksellers: 40% of employees Suramps were on short-time working during confinement. It is the heart of our business to be able to interact with our customers, we are delighted“, testifies Marion Pinvin, one of them.

During confinement, the “click and collect” Oh good worked, but he only represented 20% of the activity normal. This year, the bookstore was cut by at least 700,000 euros. “This who is lost is lost, it’s obvious, regrets Alain Derey, director of bookstores Sauramps. If it hadn’t been for state aid, I don’t know how we could have held up.

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