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Shock to China’s plans, failed to make comprehensive new agreements with 10 Pacific nations

Setback for China: China on Monday failed to conclude comprehensive new agreements with 10 Pacific nations. Some people of this area have also expressed deep concern about this. However, during the visit of China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi, the country has got some successes, but only marginally. Wang is in Fiji to co-host an important meeting with foreign ministers of 10 island nations.

Wang and Fiji’s Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama spoke for 30 minutes at a news conference, but suddenly left after reporters asked a variety of questions. All the information related to the meeting could not be found, although it became clear that the plans of China could not be successful in the meeting. “As always we seek consensus among our countries in any discussion on new regional agreements,” Bainimarama said.

Concerns have been expressed internationally about China’s military and financial ambitions in the region, while many Fijis see foreign investment as beneficial, but only so long as it uplifts the people. Fiji’s Georgina Matilda said working for the Chinese infrastructure company ‘China Railway’ meant she would be able to provide food for her children.

Couldn’t make everyone agree Wang
Milian Rokolita said that people have benefited from the increasing presence of China. He said, “Because of them we have got big houses. Money has arrived in Fiji. They are good people.” According to documents obtained by The Associated Press, Wang expected the 10 island nations to support a pre-written agreement at the meeting. However, Wang could not get everyone to agree on this.

David Panuelo, the President of the Federated States of Micronesia, told other Pacific leaders that he would not support the plan. He warned through a letter that it would unnecessarily increase geopolitical tensions and threaten regional stability. Panuelo called it the “proposed agreement that will bring about the most change in the Pacific” and said it could “start a new Cold War era and the worst of a world war.”

Wang listed some areas at the press conference that the countries agreed on and said he would continue to work on other areas. Wang said that after the meeting, China will issue a document ‘Position Paper’ on its stand and cooperation proposals with Pacific island countries. Let us tell you that a document issued to present a reasoned opinion on an issue is called ‘Position Paper’. “We will continue to have in-depth discussions and consultations to achieve further consensus on this,” he said.

China got some small bilateral agreements
China may have failed to reach comprehensive multilateral agreements, but every day during Wang’s visit, he is signing some small bilateral agreements with Pacific countries. Significantly, China had made security proposals to the Solomon Islands and nine other island nations. The draft resolution said China wanted to train Pacific police officers, organize them on “traditional and non-traditional security” and enhance law enforcement cooperation. It also wants to jointly develop a maritime plan for the fisheries industry and explore the possibility of free trade with Pacific nations.

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