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Ship stuck in Suez Canal for fifth day, US offers help

A major cargo vessel was stuck in Egypt’s Suez Canal for the fifth consecutive day on Saturday. At the same time, the authorities have planned to make many more efforts to remove the vessel and open the important global waterway. ‘The Hour Given’ ship carrying cargo between Asia and Europe, was stuck in a canal near the city of Suez on Tuesday, disrupting traffic. This waterway is important for global transport.

‘Ever Give’ technical manager Bernhard Schulte Shipman said that efforts to open the canal route on Friday failed. He said that efforts are being made to divert the vessel by taking out the water from inside the vessel and calling the boats. An official of the Suez Canal Authority said that when sea waves (high tide) are reduced, it plans to make two attempts on Saturday. However, Egyptian authorities have banned the media at the site.

The Shoi Kisen Company said in a statement on Saturday that they are considering removing the container from the vessel so that the ship can lighten up but it will be a difficult operation. At the same time, the White House has offered help to Egypt to open the canal. US President Joe Biden told reporters on Friday, “We have the tools and capabilities that most countries do not have and we are looking at what we can help and what can be done.”

About 10 percent of the trade is done through this canal. This waterway is important for carrying oil. It supplies oil and gas from Central Asia to Europe, which may be affected by its closure.

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