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Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanikzai is included in the top commander of Taliban, has an old relationship with India

Taliban News: Taliban has been captured in Afghanistan and top Taliban commanders are calling for recognition of Taliban from all over the world. One of these top Taliban commanders is Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanikzai, who has an old relationship with India and the Indian Army. Stanikzai has taken pre-commissioning training from the Indian Military Academy (IMA) in Dehradun in the year 1982.

Stanikzai has been living in Qatar’s capital Doha for the past few years and has been in talks with the governments of many important countries of the world, including the US, to improve relations with the Taliban. Last year, Stanikzai was also part of the Taliban delegation in talks with the US Special Representative. However, these talks were not successful and Taliban fighters occupied Afghanistan by force of arms. It is believed that Stanikzai may be given an important post when the Taliban form the government in Afghanistan.

pre-commissioning training

Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanikzai took pre-commissioning training in 1982 from the IMA, Dehradun, of the Indian Army. Brigadier Sandeep Thapar of the Indian Army was also in this course (batch) with Stanikzai. Thapar has now retired from the army, but ‘Sheru’ he still remembers him well because Stanikzai was known only as Sheru in the IMA. In a special conversation with ABP News, Brigadier Thapar told that there were four Afghan Gentlemen Foreign Cadets in his batch. Sheru was also one of those four. Like other Afghan cadets, Sheru was also very reserved. He also used to do physical drill like normal cadets.

According to Brigadier Thapar, it was never felt during training that Sheru could ever become a Mujahideen (who later formed the Taliban). Recently, when the pictures of the Taliban delegation from Qatar’s capital Doha came to the world, they immediately recognized them. According to Brigadier Thapar, Sher Mohammad Abas may occupy an important position in the new Taliban government. In such a situation, he hopes that Stanikzai can play an important role in improving relations with India.

Join the Afghan army

Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanikzai alias Sheru joined the Afghan army in 1982 after taking training from the IMA. This was the time when the Soviet Union had entered Afghanistan. A few years later, Stanikzai left the Afghan army and joined the Taliban. At that time the Taliban was fighting the Soviet army at the behest of Pakistan and America.

When the Taliban first took power in Afghanistan in 1996, Stanikzai was made deputy foreign minister. Later, when the US overthrew the Taliban from Afghanistan, Stanikzai also fled abroad with the rest of the commanders. For the last few years, he was in Doha, the capital of Qatar. He had an important role in the ongoing peace talks of the Taliban with America. For the past several decades, cadets from Afghanistan and other friendly countries come to the IMA and other prestigious institutions of the Indian Army for pre-commissioning training. At present, about 60 cadets of the Afghan army are taking training in the IMA.

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