Shellac, a new independent cinema platform, is betting on the new

The Marseille-based company has opted for an original model: to offer feature films never before shown, which could be released in theaters if successful. It will offer twelve new films per month.

He joins the battalion of streaming platforms. The Shellac film label is launching its own subscription video platform on Friday, with an original model: to broadcast online certain independent feature films unpublished in France, which could then be released in theaters if success is there. A Marseille company, Shellac is an independent producer, distributor, DVD publisher and theater operator. In recent years, he has been able to help filmmakers like Alain Guiraudie or Justine Triet to emerge.

Launched Friday for 4.99 euros per month, its video on demand service, Club Shellac, joins the multitude of independent platforms that are created in the shadow of multinationals like Netflix or Disney +. In France, several have entered the landscape, such as Mubi, Universciné or La Cinetek, which present selections of films by great directors.

Three films per week

Club Shellac will be of modest size: it intends to draw “in international independent cinema mixing reference films, curiosities and rarities», And present 12 films per month, three per week. Its main originality, in a world of cinema upset by the closure of theaters due to the pandemic, is that some will be unreleased films, never released in France in theaters or on DVD.

These films, no one went to find them, or maybe they had been spotted at festivals or abroad but were too fragile, while the indoor route is more and more complicated“, Explained to AFP Thomas Gastaldi, sales manager. Shellac does not exclude, then, in reverse of the traditional model, to consider an exit for the films which will be noticed on its platform. Put into practice from Friday with a first selection of three independent New York films, never shown in France.


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