“She was free, ahead of her time”: Anthony Delon mentions his mother Nathalie

The son of the legendary couple returns in Paris Match, on the personality of the actress, who passed away last week at the age of 79.

As Bardot says in her homage to him, my mother was also, in her own way, an icon of the 1960s.“. It is with words steeped in admiration and a wild tenderness that Anthony Delon, the son born of the loves of Nathalie and Alain, evoked in Paris Match the memory of the one who gave birth to him in Los Angeles, now 56 years ago, on September 30, 1964.

Charisma, fierce desire to live in freedom, whole character, this is how Anthony Delon saw his mother: “ it was a lioness in the body of a sparrow. Small, thin, endowed with a great culture, a subtle intelligence and also a vital energy, a physical and mental strength out of the ordinary.

For Anthony Delon this energy “solar“, This pugnacity, finds its origin in the childhood of his mother:”Her father had abandoned her when she was little, and she has always been in this lack. Some would have been broken, this only reinforced a combative nature.

Without pretense, but always with modesty, which sometimes borders on secrecy in the Delon clan, Anthony breathed a few words on the way Nathalie Delon conceived her role as mother: “It was not her who really raised me, but Loulou, this wonderful nanny recruited by my parents before I was born. My mother, who wasn’t the type to claim half of her fortune, didn’t ask my father for anything when she left him.

“She was still pretty rock’n’roll and was a better grandmother than mother. My daughters Lou and Liv loved it. “

Anthony Delon, evoking his mother, Nathalie

A rebellious woman, who conceived of maternal love as a “lioness“, Nathalie Delon has proven to be a great grandmother for Anthony’s children, as he himself recognizes:”She was still pretty rock ‘n’ roll and was a better grandmother than a mother. My daughters Lou and Liv loved it.

Over time, the son and mother, beyond their natural love, have become confidants. Anthony also returned to this unique bond: “In addition to being a mother, she became a friend …. This last year, she was interested in spirituality, our exchanges were more esoteric.

Anthony Delon returned to the last moment spent together with his parents, reunited at the beginning of the year: “It was January 2, the last time. I took pictures of them, then my daughter took the three of us. They parted as if they were going to meet again.

Nathalie Delon wanted her ashes to be scattered in Jamaica. Anthony, who wishes to respect this ultimate will, explained that it is there, in the Caribbean that his mother, nicknamed “Skill“(Talent in English) by her friends, was the happiest and freest:”… My mother, passionate about photos, had followed the great tour of Bob Marley. An extraordinary moment …

the Samurai by Jean-Pierre Melville, with Alain Delon, Nathalie Delon, François Périer …


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