Shawn Levy’s Free Guy: Game Is Another

CRITICAL – Background gamer Ryan Reynolds discovers his free will. A crazy adventure but very smooth.

In a video game, weapons in hand, the avatars of players hidden behind their screens are agitated. And then there are the others, these background characters who make up figuration to populate these virtual universes. Guy is one of them. Every morning, this bank teller, a fan of Mariah Carey, puts on the same blue t-shirt, greets his goldfish, eats his cereals and goes to work where he will be held up at 4 p.m. sharp without offering the slightest resistance. Until the day he meets MolotovGirl, a biker-like player. Thigh-high boots and breastplate, it gives Guy the spark of artificial intelligence, love and free will. Eager to make his world a better place, that of the anarchic and hyperviolent Free City, Guy breaks the chains of his algorithm and becomes the ally of MolotovGirl (Jodie Comer, as lethal as in Killing Eve ). Developer, the one called Millie in civilian life in Boston, looks in the game for proof that the publisher

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