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Sharif government bans political rallies in Islamabad after Imran Khan’s ultimatum

Imran Khan Vs Sharif Sarkar: Former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has called a meeting of the core committee of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) in Peshawar on Saturday. In fact, the Shahbaz Sharif government has decided to impose a complete ban on any kind of political rallies in Islamabad. Imran Khan has called this meeting only after this decision of the government. Further strategy regarding the protests will be discussed in the meeting. In fact, Imran Khan had on Thursday decided to end the ‘Azadi Rally’ and gave the Shahbaz Sharif government six days’ time to say that if the government does not announce the conduct of general elections, then it will take the capital along with the ‘entire country’. Will return. On this, Shahbaz had said that his threat will not work and Parliament will decide when the elections will be held.

The Shahbaz government has given a big blow to Imran by imposing a complete ban on any kind of political rallies in Islamabad. Now it has to be seen what the former PM responds to the government’s bet.

Imran Khan dismissed these reports
Meanwhile, Imran Khan on Friday rubbished reports that he had tied up with the Pakistan Army to end his massive ‘Azadi Rally’ demanding general elections in the country. Simultaneously, he insisted that he decided to end his march to avoid bloodshed.

Imran Khan said that after the police action on the members of his party in many cities of the country, there is huge resentment among the public. Khan said, “After what the police did to stop the march, I saw a lot of resentment among the people and there was a fear that if we kept on marching as announced, the country would plunge into chaos.”

‘Don’t think it’s our weakness’
Referring to reports about the role of the powerful military establishment in ending the rally, Imran Khan said, “Don’t think that this is our weakness and don’t think that a deal has been done. I am hearing strange things about Pakistani establishment’s role.” The deal was done with. I didn’t do any deal with anyone.”

According to a report in Dawn newspaper, Imran Khan insisted that the only motive behind his move to cancel the rally was his concern for the country. He, however, insisted that if the government does not order an early election, he will again announce a huge rally. He said his party would not accept an “imported government”.

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