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Sexual assault: the director of Saint-Jean-de-Passy indicted

In 2020, Saint-Jean-de-Passy was in turmoil for issues related to governance deemed “violent” by some of the staff. A year later, it is a new affair, a priori even more serious, which today shakes the prestigious establishment of 16e district of Paris.

Like the prefect of studies, the director at the time ended up being dismissed last June after two audits on his managerial practices and a conciliation mission entrusted to the bishop of the armed forces, Mgr Antoine de Romanet. And it is his successor, Daniel Chapellier, then appointed for a one-year interim mission, who is today in the crosshairs of justice. The man was indeed indicted Thursday, February 11 for suspicion of sexual assault on a student, as revealed the next day Le Figaro. An indictment intervened after 48 hours of custody within the brigade for the protection of minors in Paris.

→ THE FACTS. An interim director appointed to Saint-Jean-de-Passy

According to the daily, the new director would have summoned a fourteen-year-old student for disciplinary problems and would have had “Inappropriate gestures”, going so far as to ask him about him “To perform fellatio”.

A complaint for “slanderous denunciation”

A version that Daniel Chapellier, 71, vigorously contests. The man, who had been requested by the diocese to lead this temporary mission, submitted his resignation to the board of directors of the establishment. He decided to “To withdraw to ensure your defense” and of “File a complaint for slanderous denunciation”, specifies the direction of the school group in a letter sent Thursday to the educational community.

It is Nathalie Doucet Ferrant, until now deputy director, who will take over the interim while awaiting the arrival of a new head of establishment next September, Alexandrine Lionet, from another Parisian institution, the college – Paul-Claudel-d’Hulst high school.

An alumnus of Stan

Daniel Chapellier is one of the figures of Catholic education in Paris since he spent 13 years, until 2015, at the head of another prestigious establishment in the capital, Stanislas. “Impossible to believe this story”, reacts a person who knew him well, to “Stan” and who evokes “A very straight man, very strict”. Others describe him as a responsible way ” old school “, “Very direct”. Secretary General of Catholic Education, Philippe Delorme speaks for his part about“A man considered solid, with strong convictions, a certain authority, a real charisma”. He evokes his “Sadness”, while calling for the “Caution”, as long as the investigation lasts.


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