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Sex scandal, rebellion and PM’s resignation… know why Boris Johnson had to leave the chair

Boris Johnson Resign: The ministers present in the UK government suddenly started leaving the support of PM Boris Johnson. There was a flurry of resignations, after which British Prime Minister Boris Johnson resigned from his post. He did this because he was embroiled in all-round controversies. The voices of rebellion were rising within the party for a long time, which later took the form of about 50 resignations simultaneously. Boris Johnson was forced to take the decision to resign. Let us understand why Boris Johnson had to leave his chair.

Announcement of resignation in the name of the country
There was a crowd of people and journalists outside 10 Downing Street, the official residence of the Prime Minister of the UK in London last night. Because it was decided that Prime Minister Boris Johnson would announce his resignation in his address to the country. Boris Johnson came and announced his resignation. He said in his address, “It is clear that the desire of the Parliamentary Conservative Party is that there should be a new leader, so there will be a new Prime Minister and I agree with the chairman of our MPs that a new leader should be elected.” Its time table will be told next week. I will continue to serve till a new leader is elected.”

Now it is being said that Boris Johnson will remain in his post till October and in the meantime his Conservative Party will choose a new leader for Prime Minister. But the question is how did all this happen? After all, why did the resignation of Boris Johnson happen. In fact, Boris was no longer trusted by his own ministers and members of the government. One by one all the ministers were resigning. Before the resignation of Boris Johnson, more than 50 members of his government had resigned. But to understand why this happened… you have to go back a bit in this development.

This is the reason for the rebellion
This entire rebellion has happened because of Chris Pincher, MP of Boris Johnson’s party. On 30 June, a report appeared in the UK newspaper The Sun, which claimed that the ruling Conservative Party MP Chris Pincher had objected to two men in a private club in London. In February this year, Boris Johnson appointed Pincher as the party’s deputy chief whip. But after these allegations surfaced, Pincher had to resign. These allegations were followed by six more cases of Pincher’s alleged sexual assault in recent years.

What was Boris Johnson’s role in the scandal?
Now understand how British Prime Minister Boris Johnson came under the fire of this scandal. Boris Johnson is not directly involved in this scandal, but this scandal has definitely put him in trouble. On 1 July, it was said on behalf of the UK government that the Prime Minister was not aware of the allegations against Pincher before his appointment. But on July 4, it was revealed that Boris Johnson was aware of such allegations from the beginning. Despite this, he made Pincher the party’s deputy whip. After which his cabinet colleagues one by one started resigning.

After these allegations, the opposition Labor Party in Britain’s Parliament blew up Boris Johnson. Such questions were answered to him, as the lawyers in the court do to the accused. Even in this parliamentary proceedings, Boris Johnson admitted that he was aware and he also apologized.

Boris Johnson said – action was taken
Labor Party leader Keir Starmer said, “We want to remind all those who are defending this prime minister how serious the situation is.” He knew that these accused ministers had done such shoddy work in the past as well. But they pushed him forward by giving him all the power, why? Responding to this, Boris Johnson said that, as soon as I came to know about these allegations, which he has just told, I took action and he also lost the post of Conservative MP and an independent investigation is going on against him. . Since then, the round of resignations started and Boris Johnson was forced to leave his chair.

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