Sex discrimination scandal with more than 15,000 women, Google must pay 118 million USD

Google’s parent company Alphabet will have to pay $118 million to settle a five-year class action lawsuit.

The plaintiffs in the lawsuit include many positions in the company such as manager, engineer, sales representative or even… a preschool teacher.

They accuse Google of belittling female employees by placing them in lower-paying positions or refusing to promote women, often paying female employees less than men.

Google is one of many tech giants that have faced labor scandals related to wages, workplace culture and hiring in recent years. Besides Google, giants like Uber, Twitter and Microsoft… also faced similar problems.

The lawsuit began in September 2017, and was only elevated to a class action in May 2021 by a judge in San Francisco. That is, the plaintiffs are grouped together instead of having to present separate evidence against Google.

The plaintiffs allege that Google violated California’s Equal Pay Act, arguing that women are paid about $16,764 less than men a year.

One notable plaintiff in the lawsuit is Lamar, a preschool teacher at the Google Children’s Center in Palo Alto. She has a master’s degree in education and is paid only $18.51 an hour while a male colleague without a master’s degree is paid $21 an hour.

In February 2021, Google was forced to distribute more than $3.8 million to female engineers, who claimed that they were paid less than their male counterparts, along with discrimination in hiring. Asian women.

In addition to the damages, the court ordered Google to use a third-party expert to analyze the company’s human resources practices and an independent labor economist to conduct due diligence checks. equal pay for the tech giant’s employees for the next three years.

The deal must be certified by a judge before it can proceed, with a hearing scheduled for June 21.

Thai Hoang (according to Daily Mail)


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