Severe Covid-19 patient discharged from hospital after 13 days in ICU

HanoiPatient 60441, male, 61 years old, from Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi, with severe pneumonia caused by Covid-19, blood clotting disorder, was discharged after 13 days of intensive care (ICU).

Doctor Dong Phu Khiem, Deputy Head of the Intensive Care Unit, National Hospital for Tropical Diseases, said on August 7 that the man had been in critical condition, was old, and had many underlying medical conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure. . However, he responded very well to treatment, with a fast recovery time.

“The critically ill patient recovering after only 13 days of admission is very lucky, lucky for the patient and a great encouragement to the team of doctors at the Intensive Care Unit,” said Dr. Khiem.

The medical record said that the man was found to be positive for nCoV on July 20. At that time, he had high fever, fatigue, was treated at the grassroots level, received intensive care, used antibiotics, anticoagulation, and non-invasive mechanical ventilation. The disease progressed more and more seriously, the grassroots hospital took him to the Emergency Department, Central Hospital for Tropical Diseases. The patient continued to not respond to high-flow oxygen therapy by HFNC, the doctor had to intubate and transferred to the intensive care unit for treatment on July 26.

According to Doctor Khiem, the patient’s CT scan showed a diffuse opacified glass lesion in both lungs, severely impaired lung function, slow pulse, low blood pressure, hypercoagulable disorder, and infection. For patients at risk of cardiovascular collapse, the interventional doctor inserts a catheter, maintains the drug and controls the fluid, and prescribes monoclonal antibody treatment after consulting the Treatment Subcommittee, the Ministry of Health.

On the morning of July 27, the patient appeared to have a heart problem, and the doctor had to give emergency care and follow up closely. During the day, he continued to suffer from severe coagulopathy. For the next two days, the doctor treated him with anticoagulants, anti-inflammatory drugs, and intensive care.

On July 29, he was sedated and gradually reduced the ventilator mode. The next day, he was awake, coughed up, had good muscle strength, weaned off the ventilator, transferred oxygen through a mask, practiced bed-based therapy, and received intravenous nutrition. Two days later, he was also weaned off oxygen through a mask.

On August 6, the man’s health was completely stable, walking normally, being discharged from the hospital and going home. The next day, 9 more Covid-19 patients were discharged from the hospital, returned to their localities, and continued to be isolated according to regulations.

This is the 38th patient to recover and leave the ICU. Currently, the department has 29 serious patients, including 6 cases of ECMO (cardiopulmonary system outside the body). The whole hospital has 371 Covid-19 patients, including 60 serious and critical patients.

Patient 60441 takes a photo with the treating doctor before being discharged from the hospital, August 6. Photo provided by the hospital.



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