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Serious crimes against humanity committed in Myanmar’s military government: UN investigator

United Nations: Nicolas Koumjian, the head of the UN body probing the most serious crimes in Myanmar, said on Friday that preliminary evidence gathered since the February 1 military coup showed “widespread crimes against humanity and planned attacks” on civilians. reflect.

Nicolas Koumjian, the head of the independent investigative apparatus for Myanmar, told UN reporters that more than 200,000 information has been received since the military occupation and more than 1.5 million pieces of evidence have been collected that are being analysed. So that those responsible for serious international crimes in Myanmar may one day be brought to justice.

Special groups targeted – Koumjian

Koumjian said investigators saw the pattern of violence. The military occupation “increased violence and more violent methods were used to suppress the demonstrators.” It would be logical to conclude that this was done through central policy.

Koumjian further said, “We have observed that specific groups were targeted, especially the method of arrest and detention that appears to have been done without due process of law. This obviously includes journalists, medical workers and political opponents as well.

Unrest broke out in Myanmar – UN investigators

Myanmar was under strict military rule for five decades, due to which it remained internationally isolated and banned. In the 2015 elections, Nobel Peace Prize laureate Aung San List took the reins of leadership, allowing the international community to invest in the country by lifting most sanctions. But in a February 1 coup after last November’s election, the military rejected the National League for Democracy party on the list.

A UN investigator said unrest has erupted in Myanmar since the military occupation and peaceful demonstrations against ruling generals were used in several parts of the country with deadly force.

The UN investigative body was established by the Geneva-based Human Rights Council in September 2018 with the intention of collecting, consolidating, preserving and analyzing evidence of the most serious international crimes and violations of international law committed in Myanmar.

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