Sequelae persistently clinging to people with Covid-19

BrotherMany people who have survived Covid-19 still experience persistent sequelae, lasting at least 12 weeks, interfering with their personal lives.

Tamsin Lewis is a doctor, founder of health and longevity background, former professional triathlon and British Ironman champion in 2014. She achieved all that before her birthday. 40th time.

In March 2020, she became seriously ill with nCoV infection. Although she recovered and returned to training soon, her health is still not as good as she originally was. “I felt nCoV was burning me slowly from within,” Lewis said.

Currently, 11 months later, her symptoms are still torturing her, including muscle aches, joints, heart palpitations, recurrent fever and chest tightness.

“I am often ‘starved’,” Lewis said, “so I can’t take a deep breath, and get tired of the time due to impaired heart function and decreased ability to focus.”

Her resting heart rate increased from 37 beats / min to 85 beats / min. Although she is using cardiovascular medicine to control her, she no longer can exercise at high intensity. Lewis also frequently faints when changing positions. Although once an elite athlete, walking a kilometer for her now is like sprinting 10 km.

Tamsin Lewis exercised vigorously before contracting Covid-19. Image: Tamsin Lewis

Lewis shared: “I have an anxiety disorder, or have difficulty breathing and sweating. Even as a professional athlete and accustomed to adjusting my physiology, I still feel Covid-19 is really dead. deeply ruined his nervous system “.

Due to the long-lasting effects of Covid-19, her immune system is affected, the body increases susceptibility to stimuli such as stress, infection and food.

According to Lewis, the reason is that a stressful lifestyle can often negatively affect the immune system. “The harsh exercise regime does not necessarily bring good health, this is true for me,” she said.

Some of the palliative treatments she is using include swimming in cold water, steam bath, and infrared light. In addition, Lewis added a number of supplements such as ketone esters – believed to help improve mobility and concentration. She also improves the balance in the gut microbiota by following a strict diet: avoiding fermented foods, canned foods, alcohol, spinach and eggplant.

Lewis thinks that his recovery process is longer than usual due to her genetic allergy from the mother. Fortunately, symptoms have now improved. “I feel my health is getting better with each month and there are fewer relapses. Maybe by 2021 I will return to jogging,” Lewis hoped.

Lewis’s case is not uncommon. One in 10 people with nCoV will live with the long-term effects. This means: with more than 100 million people infected with nCoV, there will be more than 10 million people with similar circumstances as Lewis.

Lewis performed an echocardiogram due to prolonged stress after leaving Covid-19, July 2020.  Photo: Tamsin Lewis

Lewis had an echocardiogram for prolonged stress after leaving Covid-19, July 2020. Image: Tamsin Lewis

According to the medical journal The Lancet, Covid-19 can cause many complications even after recovery, including prolonged coughing, difficulty breathing, chest pain, cognitive dysfunction and depression for at least 12. week.

Dr. Christopher Hui, a specialist in respiration and resuscitation, said: “The UK government predicts 45% of nCoV-infected patients need low-grade health systems and social resources to regain health. About 4 % of patients need rehabilitation with higher intensity, especially inpatient “.

According to Matthew Ross, a person who had Covid-19 in 2020, patients with nCoV need to be patient while recovering.

“Your body has just undergone a huge injury. Don’t try to get back to normal too quickly. Some needs need to be slowly rebuilt, diet is extremely important,” he said. .

During the recovery process, Ross shared that he often went out, stopped drinking, practiced meditation and took probiotics daily to improve the digestive system of lice.

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