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Separatism law: home education will be “strictly limited”

Emmanuel Macron announced on Friday that home schooling will be, from the start of the 2021 school year, “Strictly limited, in particular to health requirements”, and that it will therefore become compulsory within the school from the age of 3. Around 50,000 children are said to be home-schooled today, the president said

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” It is a necessity. I made a decision without doubt one of the most radical since the laws of 1882 and those ensuring the school mix between boys and girls in 1969 ”, underlined the Head of State during a speech on separatism in Mureaux (Yvelines), adding that “Non-contract schools will be subject to increased control”.

Asked by a journalist from The cross on the limitation of home schooling, the President of the Republic assured that these restrictions would not concern children with medical problems, but that they were aimed at families who chose this option for religious reasons.

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“There are enough schools under contract and out of contract to provide a response that conforms to these aspirations”, decided Emmanuel Macron, who ensures that this strong limitation of home schooling will be carried out “With intelligence and method”.

A “charter of secularism” for associations

Emmanuel Macron also pleaded for “A better understanding of Islam” and an expansion of the teaching of Arabic in schools. “Do not let ourselves fall into the trap of amalgamation set by polemicists and extremes which would consist in stigmatizing all Muslims”, urged the president, calling for “Liberate Islam in France from foreign influences”.

The French president also announced the forthcoming obligation for any association claiming public subsidies to sign a “Contract of respect for the values ​​of the Republic” representing a “Charter of secularism”.

The reasons for the dissolution of associations, until then “Very limited”, will also be “Extended” to understand the“Violation of the dignity of the person” where the “Psychological or physical pressures”, he added, judging “Quite logical that those who carry this project of Islamist separatism have invested the associative field” that they identified as “The most efficient space to disseminate their ideas”.


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