Self-treatment of Covid at home

HanoiUnable to contact the ward medical center or having to wait for a long time, not being guided or dispensed by medical staff, many F0 go online or ask people who have been infected to buy medicine and treat at home.

Hoa’s family (in Hai Ba Trung district) has been infected with Covid-19 since December 17. She contacted the ward’s health care provider, waited forever to receive instructions and medicines, so she “self-advocated” by going online to find out and ask relatives in Ho Chi Minh City about treatment methods and drugs. “The epidemic lasted for a long time, but when it was our turn and our loved ones were infected, we were very confused and worried a lot,” said Ms. Hoa.

Every day, the whole toilet cleans the nose and throat, gargles with salt water, drinks apple cider vinegar soaked in spices such as ginger, garlic, turmeric, eats thin porridge cooked with whole grain rice, vegetables, shrimp meat. During the day, they drink hot distilled coconut water with two to three slices of ginger (can add rock sugar) or orange juice, warm lemon, warm filtered water. Every time she coughs, phlegm has a runny nose, Ms. Hoa adds a few cloves of garlic. Every day or two, the whole family will do full body steaming and exercise. At night before going to bed, people continue to wash their nose and throat. She uses cough medicine prescribed by the doctor to give her child to drink, not buy medicine online.

Ngoc, 39 years old, and 4 family members (in Van Quan, Ha Dong) tested positive on December 13. Worried because her two-year-old son, the second child has myasthenia gravis, the older one has only had one vaccine, she learns how to take care of herself. Every day, she and her family drink a lot of oresol, warm water, multivitamins, steam ginger and lemongrass with drops of wind oil, regularly spray the nose and throat with physiological saline. At each meal, she encourages everyone to eat more even though they are not appetizing to have nutrients and get healthy quickly. Currently, the whole family’s health is stable, the quick test is negative, especially the older baby is still a bit runny and tired. “The most important thing is to stay optimistic, like on the third day, I feel 80% better, but I still monitor, blow my nose, eat to get better,” she said.

The medicines and vitamins Ms. Hoa bought for her family to take to treat Covid-19 at home. Photo: Characters provided

Dr. Doctor Hoang Thanh Tuan (Le Huu Trac National Institute of Burns) participated in the fight against epidemics in Ho Chi Minh City, established and managed a military medical group to support online care and treatment of F0 at home. The doctor said that since the day of the group’s establishment, most of the questions people have are how to treat it at home, what medicine to take, when to go to the hospital, whether to stock up on oxygen tanks or medical equipment in case. Hanoi is overloaded… In which, the most common question is a question about drugs, even floating drugs of unknown origin, which are “quickly cured of Covid”. The group currently has about 20 doctors involved in supporting, on average, 500 to 600 people consult each day.

According to the doctor, F0 in Hanoi is mostly mild, develops just like a common cold, there is no need to be too eager to buy medicine or hoard medicine, use floating drugs labeled “prevention and treatment of Covid- 19” cost up to 20 million dong a course, no one censored. “Depending on the symptoms of the disease, the doctor will have his own recommendation because there are contraindications that F0 cannot understand,” the doctor said.

In particular, in the early stages, F0 self-administering anti-inflammatory drugs (containing corticosteroids) will reduce the strength of the immune system, making the virus grow stronger, said Dr. ), recommendation. In the first 5 days, if using both corticosteroids and antiviral drugs, the antiviral drugs will lose their effectiveness, the virus will multiply more, the patient will easily progress to severe disease and have dangerous complications.

In addition, the combination of antiviral and anti-inflammatory drugs is not a medical indication and is not allowed. Anticoagulants are also not valuable in the early stages of infection, because at this time the body has not shown any abnormal signs related to blood clotting.

In the guidelines for treating F0 at home, anti-inflammatory and anticoagulant drugs are only used in the second stage of the disease, usually on the 7th day onwards, when the patient’s body has respiratory failure, blood clotting system disorder. . In case F0 has respiratory failure (injury to the respiratory tract, lungs, SpO2 – low oxygen concentration in capillary blood), the doctor, after examining, considers whether the patient has contraindications or not, at the right stage to use. used, the drug will be dispensed and only a single dose will be given.

F0 uses anticoagulants, anti-inflammatory drugs that need close management by medical staff, because these are drugs that need to be prescribed, closely monitored for unwanted side effects. Especially anticoagulants can cause severe bleeding, affecting the patient’s life.

One of the floating drugs of unknown origin, is being sold with an advertisement to treat Covid-19.  Photo: provided by Doctor Tuan

Some drugs of unknown origin are being sold with the advertisement “Covid-19 treatment”. Photo: Doctor Tuan provided

Health experts recommend F0 at home Do not abuse drugs unless indicated. In fact, there are many cases of misuse of drugs, overdose of drugs causing poisoning, especially with antipyretic drugs paracetamol, anti-inflammatory anticoagulants containing corticosteroids… With paracetamol, if there are no symptoms of fever, you should not take it. Medicines containing paracetamol ingredients have many different brands, such as Panadol, Efferagant, Tylenol… all have antipyretic effects. Therefore, only one type should be taken, 4-6 hours apart, for example, if you have taken Panadol, do not take Tylenol anymore, because of an overdose.

Doctor Tuan, for example, F0 abuses corticosteroids with abdominal pain, burning taste, and acne. Some users have stomach pain, gastritis, gastrointestinal bleeding, … diabetics can increase blood sugar. Abuse of antiretroviral drugs is still dangerous, especially for women who are pregnant or planning to become pregnant.

Therefore, F0 needs to stay calm when unable to contact the medical staff due to overload and consciously choose information channels to help. You can prepare thermometers, blood pressure monitors, diabetes monitors, antipyretics, pain relievers, diarrhea,… but do not store oxygen generators and oxygen tanks. “When breathing is difficult, oxygen support is needed, which means that the disease is moderate or higher, must be treated in the hospital, no longer treated at home,” the doctor said.

“Some F0 cases showed severe signs on day 7, day 8, and were taken to the hospital promptly, not too late, so don’t worry too much,” said doctor Hoang Bui Hai (Deputy Director of the Hospital for the Treatment of Covid-19 Patients). ), added.

Take medicine to treat Covid-19 at home

Doctor Doan Bach instructs how to use medicine at home. The source: Ministry of Health, Network of Companion Physicians

In addition, F0 should rest, do light physical activity (suitable for health status), practice breathing for at least 15 minutes a day, drink water regularly, do not wait until thirsty to drink water, do not skip meals. . F0 also needs to increase nutrition such as eating enough nutrients, eating fruit, drinking fruit juice… and thinking positively, maintaining a comfortable mentality.

Last week, the number of new cases in the capital continued to increase rapidly. The number is forecast to continue to increase despite the city’s many control measures. Statistics from the Department of Medical Examination and Treatment, as of December 26, Hanoi is treating more than 10,000 F0 at home, about 5,000 cases are treated at the hospital.

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