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Self-containment, do we need an apology for school?

Confine yourself for a week before Christmas to avoid contamination during family Christmas Eve. The idea, put forward by the scientific council, was relayed by the government. This logically led the executive to invite the French who plan to find relatives potentially vulnerable to Covid to telework when possible and not to send their children to school on Thursday 17 and Friday 18 December.

A tolerance, not an incentive

This measure concerns all schoolchildren, both in primary, secondary and high school, the Ministry of Education said. A departure from the obligation of attendance which is nothing more than tolerance, as Jean-Michel Blanquer indicated on Tuesday, December 15 at the microphone of RTL. We do not encourage (do not put children in school). But we can understand and tolerate that a family decides not to send them on Thursday and Friday ”, continues Jean-Michel Blanquer, ensuring that his own children would go well to school.

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This provision does not exempt parents from the obligation to inform the establishment of the absence of their child. “At the very least, they have to make a phone call that morning and provide a written note when the child returns to school”, advises Lysiane Gervais, principal in the Bordeaux region and national secretary of SNPDEN, the main union of management staff.

” On their side, she recalls, school heads are required to inform families in the event of unjustified absence. “ She expects a certain number of students, especially in high school, to take advantage of the message delivered by the government to “skip” classes, of course unbeknownst to their parents …

No sanction, even if a white bac was planned

For the rest, “There will be no sanction in the event that a student, due to self-confinement, is absent during a control or a white bac, indicates the ministry. As if he was sick or if he was prevented for family reasons. “

In the facts, “Teachers will adapt”, continues Lysiane Gervais: “If a third of the students are missing, the assessment will be postponed. If only a few students are absent, the teacher may decide to maintain control. Those who could not pass it will not be awarded any mark. “


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